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From Advisor to Administrator: Steps to Success

No description

Lauren Brown

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of From Advisor to Administrator: Steps to Success

From Advisor to Administrator:
Steps to Success

Lauren H. Brown, Ed.D.
Associate Director of Advising
Poole College of Management
North Carolina State University
NACADA National Conference, 2013

Step 1: Research Advising Administration
What is advising administration?
How does it look in different schools and programs?
Do you want to manage PEOPLE or PROGRAMS?
Is there an opportunity in your area, or would you need to start a job search to make this change?
Step 2: Self Assessment
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How do your strengths line up with the role of an administrator?
Is being a manager where you want your next career move to be - can you see yourself in this type of position for 3-5 years?
How does being an administrator fit into your long-term career goals?
Step 3: Challenges and Obstacles
My experience
Brainstorm - what potential challenges do you have?
Step 3: Positioning Yourself for Advancement
A little about me...
The "extras"
Step 4: Beginning your New Job
Within the office:
Staff interviews
Organizational structure
Student leaders
Step 5: The First Year and Beyond
Learning doesn't stop when your training ends... so now what?
Step 4: Outside of Your Office
Campus structure
Step 4: Challenges
Peer to supervisor
Seasoned advisors
Internal applicants
Volume of information
Follow through

What challenges do you have?
Step 4: Support Systems
New peers - other administrators

What support systems do you have?
Step 5: Feedback and Check Ins
Open Door Policy
Regular Check-Ins
Step 5: Assessment
Step 5: Professional Development
What else?
Step 5: Recruiting
Successfully recruiting new advisors

Your personal plan.
Resources and References
Step 3: Positioning Yourself for Advancement
Professional Development
Get involved!
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