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Supply Chain


Alina Khorina

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Supply Chain

Company Elemica in use Conclusion Outsourcing Procurement &
IT Procurement BP Actual function in relation to the goods Value Adding Outsourcing & Alliances Supply
Chain Resources SU IT ERP as a backbone
Elemica (Business Process Network) BP is one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies that has an aim of providing its customers with fuel, energy and retail services. BP has a complex and diversified system of global supply chain to ensure that the company operates fully and efficiently. Such system helps the company to maintain the level of its services on the highest levels to satisfy all the customer’s needs and demands. BP can be considered as a undisputable leader in its industry. It makes it easer for the buyers to switch to electronic order 24/7. Corporate Governance Board Governance Principles •Mining of oil and gas
•Transportation of oil and gas
•Refining of oil and gas
•Making fuels and products
•Selling fuels and products Size in terms of key figures Annual report data (2011)
•third-party verification for BOP testing and maintenance
•third-party suppliers

all over the world, the company has made alliances with a great number of companies. Examples:
•TNK-BP •The Marine Alliance Thank you for your attention! 1. Use renewable sources of energy to save costs and be more sustainable
2. Improve risk management to prevent disasters like oil spills
3. Automate processes to operate more quickly and efficiently Recomendations SWOT Strength
One of market leaders Known-brand Operations all over the world Vertically integrated operations Weaknesses Dangerous production
(crude oil and natural gas) Huge costs Criticisms
(Deepwater Horizon accident) Opportunities Threats Potential increase for natural gas in North America Gas and oil exploration projects Investments in renewable energy Environmental regulations Governmental regulations Threat of acquisition
(British-Dutch Shell)
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