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No description

Nuwan C Perera

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of jkijolp

Worth every while... My Rotaract Experience Hi ....!!! Rtr. Nuwan C Perera This is my 2nd Prezi Presentation taught me to
check my mail regularly So I did I joined sri Lanka Unites This is how we were trained for
Volunteering Try Prezi Presentations !!! Log on to - www.prezi.com Sri Lanka Unites - Future Leaders' Conference 2011 Trinity College , Kandy 11th - 15th August 2012 Thanks Pavani Akki !!! Rotary Youth
Leadership Awards 2011 Youth
2011 Thank You!!!
Rtr.Asiri Weliwatte &
Rotary Club of Battaramulla How you feeling? shall we ??? Thank You ! But......This is not over yet I didn't stop learning... :D
I continued ...!!! Back to school with Rotaract Thank You....!
Rtr. Muditha Wijesundara < The humblest guy in uni > Together, we can make things happen,
For our fellowmen like no other,
No matter the creed or culture,
And we are proud to be Rotaractors. I'm standing here.... “Service Above Self ” Rotary’s motto Rotaract has been an enriching experience, where I first learned to love myself, discover my latent skills, hone them with confidence and share them later with less fortunate people.
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