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The Storyteller by Saki

No description

Antony Nunez

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of The Storyteller by Saki

Hector Hugh Munro AKA Saki (18 December 1870 – 13 November 1916)
He was a British writer whose witty, mischievous and sometimes macabre stories satirize Edwardian society and culture. He is considered a master of the short story, and often compared to O. Henry and Dorothy Parker.
Plot of the Story
Aunt Flat and Static
Conflicts and POV
Person vs Person
The Storyteller by Saki
Initial Incident
Rising Actions
Falling Actions
Two small girls and a small boy, along with their aunt and an unknown bachelor sit together in a train carriage going to Templecombe. In their curiosity, the kids ask questions one after another, their aunt gets irritated, and also she could answer the questions properly.
The aunt tells a boring story about a girl who was saved for being good.
The bachelor started to feel irritated by the aunt's lack of control over the kids.
The bachelor starts to tell a story, in this story the main character (Bertha) was horribly good, she has 3 medal for her conduct. she was known all over the country because of her behavior and the Prince invited to walk in his park. However as she does so, a wolf appears looking to eat a pig. the wolf saw her and she ran away and hide into myrtle bushes.
The wolf had problems finding Bertha, the wolf was in on the verge of leaving when he was alerted of her location by the clicking of the medals. Rather to escape, Bertha was eaten by the wolf.
The children express the delight about the story, they said that "The story was beautiful". The aunt was angry with the bachelor for destroying years of training with his tale.
The bachelor arrives to his destination, and he felt happy
because he knew that the kids now will ask to their aunt to tell them more "improper" stories.
Two Small Girls Flat and Static
Cyril, a small boy Flat and Static
The Bachelor Flat and Dynamic
The tense relationship between the children and the aunt.
The Bachelor's feelings against the aunt's tale.
Person vs Society
The children are restrained by the expectation that the society has about them (the should be good all the time.
They represent society and their believe that all good will be rewarded
Symbolizes exceptional goodness, the idea that extreme virtue can be met with both reward and consequences
Represents misfortune, bad, the possibility of bad things happening even to those who are good
No experience (Innocence)
The kids were exposed to the truths of the world, they realized that bad things happen also to good people
The importance of Humbleness
Bertha was so proud of her medals that she chose to wear them everywhere. This proud leaded her to be eaten by the wolf, the clicking of her medals was the clue that the wolf followed.
Different ways adults interact with kids.
It's important to know the difference between protecting and keeping them in the dark, hide from the real world.
Point of view
Third person Omniscient, the narrator sees and knows everything

"It was exactly the question the bachelor had wanted to ask"
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