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A Conversation with Death

As explored through "The Tale of the Three Brothers"

Raelissa Glennon-Zukoff

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of A Conversation with Death

A Conversation with Death By: Raelissa Glennon-Zukoff Three Prizes and Their Meanings Three Fates Power, Revenge, Murder Love, Despair, Suicide Invisibility, Life, Peace The brother's choices are a significant part of this tale and their decisions at that fateful bridge - unbeknownst to them - are what ultimately decide each of their fates. . . The Resurrection Stone The Cloak of Invisibility The Elder Wand The First Brother The Third Brother The Second Brother Three Brothers "O Death! You have been beaten once and for all.
For my prize...I demand a wand more
powerful than any other! I shall vanquish
my foes and they shall fear my might.
I shall be unbeatable." "Death, you have lost this battle.
For my reward, I request the power to reverse your own: I wish to be able to rescue loved ones from your icy grasp. I shall live without fear of you from now on.
Oh, how mighty Death has fallen!" "I have beaten you in this instance, but I know you shall visit me again. For my reward...I request the ability to leave this place without being followed. Perhaps it is not the most powerful ability, but I believe it shall serve me well. We shall meet again." "I shall recall my love from Death's grip and we shall live happily together forever and ever! Ah! She is just as I remember her. How I have missed you, darling!" "I shall leave here quickly and silently. Death can be
evaded for a time...but we shall meet again
when I am old and gray." "The Tale of the Three Brothers" The Elder Wand is representative of a desire for power, control, and revenge. Those who seek those things in life often view Death as one that will take away from them all that they have worked to gain.
Death becomes a foe and something to be fought and evaded as long as possible. Death as an Enemy Death as Conquerable The Resurrection Stone - true to its name - represents a desire for power over Death. Some fight the notion that succumbing to Death is inevitable and seek ways to evade him. This is driven by a fear of letting go of one's own life and the lives of those one loves. Death as a Natural Companion to Life The Cloak of Invisibility is representative of those that desire a life without fear of death, but who also accept that they must one day die. Wanting to outsmart or cheat Death is a task that no mortal can accomplish. Living with the knowledge of Death and his intentions allows a full life with the capability to leave it behind peacefully. "Ha! I have vanquished my foe and made clear to all here that I am
the most powerful wizard of this era. Beware all who quarrel with me, for I have beaten Death himself...and I'll beat you, too!" "I am now so powerful that none shall stand against me!
Death is no match for me." "Zzzzzzzzz. . . AHHHH!" "She cannot speak to me...
She is not of this world...
Oh! What have I done?" "I have no choice...there is simply no other way.
Death, you have won...
I shall join my love!" "I am so content with the life that I have built for
myself here with my wife and my son.
Death has allowed me to live life to the fullest!" "Greetings, Death. Let us go into the next
part of this life as we were meant to:
not as foes, but as friends." The Tale of the Three Brothers Death Triumphs Death Compromises
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