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Pay Zone Consulting

These are vector maps of the United States and the World. These maps have maximum zoomability because they are vector images. Use these as a template to display a location within your presentation or to display vacation photos.

Lisa Chen

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Pay Zone Consulting

Strong 5 principals with the right combination of education, background experience, shared vision and personal objective

The company is a virtual organization that allows their employees to work from home and conforms to their own lifestyle

Strong software development team and intensive consulting approach in the creation of new software products

An efficient work environment due to lower power distance between principals and employees
--------------------------------------- Problems/Issues Recommendations ROOT CAUSE Culture of the organization that embodies a flexible lifestyle ------------------------------------- Aligning Artifacts Schedule company retreats
- to reduce employee resistance to change
improve communication & employee involvement - to align with new company culture Establish a central physical office - each principal alternates their time at the office 2. Attraction, Selection, Socialization of Employees Employing individuals
willing to embrace company culture
Scientific Management Organize company social functions and workshops
Create leisure areas in the workplace
fully understand company expectations
4. Actions of Founders and Leaders 1. Mission Statement: stability, attention to detail, team orientation and innovation Add HR department for the hiring process Introducing culturally consistent rewards 3. Introduce a Reward System
(performance-based, membership and seniority-based) Introduce share option (profit-sharing and Equity-share) Background Pay Zone Consulting interesting...
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