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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

No description

Samrah Rashid

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
About the Author
A way for Lolita to escape reality
New perspective
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Humbert Humbert:
Psychological freedom
Humbert is a pedophile
Lolita only has Humbert after her mom died
Lolita is just an object in Humbert's eyes.
Vladimir Nabokov

Fell in love with at age thirteen to a twelve year Annabel
April 22nd 1899 - July 2nd 1977
Russian-born novelist
Born in Russia, emigrated to several different European countries before moving to the United States
Studied zoology and romance languages
Well known for his use of literary devices and manipulative prose
Was a synesthete
The Following themes are explored in Lolita:
Depraved and unremorseful lust
The power of language
The conflicts between cultures
Internal Influences
Unremorseful Lust
Humbert Humbert has an immoral fixation with young girls.
He openly accepts his pedophilic nature and actively seeks to act on his urges.
He does not see anything wrong with his desires and is unapologetic for his actions.
The Power of Language
The Diction used in Lolita adds a strange beauty to book, especially considering the subject matter.
Humbert Humbert skillfully uses an array of literary techniques such as double entendres, coinages and multilingual puns to add life to the dark story.
Humbert Humbert's expert use of language charms the reader into empathizing with him rather than judging him for his many crimes.
Cultural Conflict
Nabakov explores the clash between European and American cultures in Lolita.
The relationship between Lolita's mom Charlotte haze and Humbert Humbert shows the incompatibility between the two cultures.
Lolita and Humbert's relationship exemplifies a cultural clash stemming from both nationality as well as socioeconomic class.
Dolores Haze (Lolita)
Lolita is an adolescent "nymphete" and is the object of Humbert's infatuation throughout most of the book.
Lolita has a manipulative, seductive and flirtatious personality.
Humbert is attracted solely to her physical qualities and views her as a sexual object.
She is very americanized and juvenile which makes her unreceptive of Humbert's attempts to culture and educate her.
Pedophile and murderer
Sophisticated and intellectual
Humbert loves his own looks almost as much as he loves Lolita
"clean-cut jaw, muscular hand, deep sonorous voice, [and] broad shoulder" (1.11.10)
Little control over emotions "Humbert Humbert tried hard to be good. Really and truly, he did" (1.5.9)
- Humberts Doppelganger

- wins over Lolita's affection

- dies attempting to bribe Humbert
Clare Quilty
Charlotte Haze
-typical middle aged woman

- Humbert wife and Lolita's mother

- Lolita's rival, and she sees her daughter as such
Studied zoology and became an entomologist
Studied romance languages and became an author
A neurological condition
Numbers and letters are perceived as colours
Was a synesthete from a young age
Became an influence in his novels
Would we recommend this book?
Certain mind set to have when reading this book
Classical Liberal
Prejudice against women writers
Born in Russia
Fled to other European countries
Moved to USA
External Influences
Fairy Tales
Lost Slipper - Cinderella
"Gagged, bursting beast and the beauty of her dimpled body in its innocent cotton frock" - Beauty and the Beast
She eats a red apple - Snow White
The Park was as black as the sins it concealed—but soon after falling under the smooth spell of a nicely graded curve, the travelers became aware of a diamond glow through the mist, then a gleam of lakewater appeared–and there it was, marvelously and inexorably, under spectral trees, at the top of a graveled drive—the pale palace of the Enchanted Hunters. (1.27.86)
Sleeping Beauty ballet
Russian composer
Edgar Allan Poe
Both authors trick the audience
Annabel Lee
Tell-Tale Heart
Annabel Lee
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