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The New Ice Age

The Adventures of the Stanley Cup

Aja Hogan-Cann

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of The New Ice Age

The New Ice Age Famous Stanley Cup games The Adventures of the Stanley Cup The Stanley Cup is a punch bowl shaped trophy that
quickly became the prime objective of all Canadian
hockey teams. It is an ungainly hunk of silverware made of up of a bowl, a replica of the mug from Lord Stanley of Preston the Governor General of Canada, who purchased it for $50 then donated it to the hockey champions of the Dominion in 1893. The collar of the trophy commemorates every person who can lay claim to the cup, 1600 names in all. This trophy is awarded annually to the NHL champion after a best of seven Stanley Cup Championship Series. What is the Stanley Cup? The trophy is delivered to each member of the winning team in turn by its handlers from the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is removed from the special casket in which it travels. After that it is up to the player where the cup goes. More than just a trophy Throughout the decades there have been many famous Stanley Cup games which are fondly remembered world-wide. To many Canadians the Stanley Cup is more than a trophy. It has come to symbolize the pure, perfect mesh of culture and sport. It's not just a prize but an icon. For a player, to touch this beloved trophy is to touch the entire history of the game, to put one's hand where Howie Morenz put his, to feel what Gordie Howe felt, or Rocket Richard, or Wayne Gretzky, to be connected to childhood fantasy, every dream dreamed at dawn on the way to the local rink. The cup has been fondled and kissed and filled with beer. It has served as a cradle for babies, a vase for flowers, and an ornament on many a bar. It has been a passenger in trains, planes, automobiles, and boats. It was once drop-kicked into the Rideau Canal. What could be more fulfilling then to take the Cup back to the place where you played your childhood hockey, back to family and friends and the people who watched you learn the sport! Each member of the winning team takes a turn doing just that. Stanley Cup Records The record for the most Stanley Cup wins is held be the Montreal Canadiens who have won the cup 24 times and have gone to the finals an additional 9 times. Also, the Canadiens hold the record for most consecutive Stanley Cup championships winning 5 years in a row. By: Aja Hogan-Cann Chris Chelios holds the record for the most number of years in playoffs: twenty two. Most consecutive years in playoffs: Larry Robinson with twenty. Most playoff games is 247 by Patrick Roy. Most points in playoff career is 382 by Wayne Gretzky. Bobby Orr was tripped into flight while scoring "The Goal" against the St. Louis Blues, winning the 1969-70 Stanley Cup. Sidney Crosby hoisting the cup during a celebratory parade in front of many excited Pittsburg Penguin fans (2009).
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