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Taylor Brooke

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Theme

by Taylor Powers and Alaina Morris

Learn the Difference Between Main Idea & Theme
What is theme?
Give an example of theme
Identify the stated or implied theme of a literary text
In other words, a theme is what the story teaches the readers.
Let's Talk About It...
If you read a book about someone that didn't look twice before crossing the road and got hit by a car, the theme would be "always look twice before crossing the road".
Makes sense, right??
The lesson learned in the text
Main idea
The Main Idea is important information that tells more about the overall idea of a paragraph or text

How To Identify Theme...
Remember, theme is the lesson you learned from the story. So how are you going to identify the theme? Here are some tips..
--Look closely at the title. Sometimes you can find clues about the theme
--Look for lessons the character learns
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