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Water Rocket Presentation

No description

Randel Cenal

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Water Rocket Presentation

Water Rocket Presentation! The Table! Guide Questions and Answers What volume of water works best? Will it fly without water? If a little water works, will a lot work better? Will it fly best when it is totally full? Amount Of Water Distance Traveled
1. 100 mL 5 m
2. 200 mL 22 m
3. 300 mL 18 m

The 200 mL setup went the farthest so it works best. It will fly without water given that the air pressure produces the same amount of force as with the water. It is not always the case; there needs to be an equilibrium between the volume of water, weight of the bottle and maximum air pressure. No, it is too heavy to fly and there is not enough space for air pressure to build up. Does the launch pressure matter? Yes, air pressure is directly proportional to the force exerted to the water. Why did the rocket that was full of water barely take off? It is too heavy and there is little space for the pressure to build up in. The rocket didn't have enough "oomph" (force) to take off. Why? Because it is too early and not having enough time to build air pressure. The water went one way and the rocket went the other way. Why? It uses the Third Law of Motion. the water pushes the rocket towards its target. Compare the distance traveled by the water rocket according to the amount of water. Too little water will produce a small amount of force. While too much water will have low air pressure. There needs to be a balance between air and water. How could you assess your own water rocket as to compare with the other water rockets? Our water rocket wors well compared to the others because it flew as expected. What is/are the factor/s that affect to the success or failure of your rocket? The structure of the rocket, and the amount of air and water in the bottle. Conclusion: Explain why rockets fly? Rockets make use of the Third Law of Motion wherein, the air pressure pushes the water downwards and the water pushes the rocket upwards. The launch force is directly proportional to the force produced of the air pressure pushing the water downwards but inversely to the weight of the rocket. Group Members! Aarell Renz Rivera
Christine Joy Paras
Randel Ceñal
Jeminah Piñones
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