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Dan and Phil

No description

Caitlyn Scharf

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Dan and Phil

If you haven't heard of this quote then you should really rethink what you've been reading and watching. This infamous quote comes from the YouTube celebrities danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil!
This is Dan Howell. He created the YouTube channel danisnotonfire. Just look at him, he's about as intimidating and violent as a pink butterfly stuck on a marshmallow, right? He also loves llamas so much that he wants to legalize llama marriage in the UK. Dan cannot seem to pronounce the word literally correctly, as it comes out as litrally.
Daniel James Howell is 24 years old and lives with his best friend Phil, in London, England. Dan was born on June 11, 1991. Phil started his YouTube career way before Dan did. Dan had idolized Phil for years in hopes to meet him. He'd tweet Phil, comment on all his videos and would do anything to get Phil to notice him. One day, Phil noticed how he and Dan have a lot in common from Dan's tweets, comments and many other things. So, he decided to Skype Dan. Dan and Phil bonded over the internet and eventually decided to meet. Phil was the one who inspired Dan to start making videos on YouTube in 2009, which was clearly a good choice for Dan because as of today he has almost 5 200 000 subscribers. Dan and Phil also have a radio show on BBC Radio 1.
This is Phil Lester. He created the YouTube channel AmazingPhil. He also has quite the imagination. Phil thinks that the reason why dinosaurs are extinct is because they got sad and exploded. He also thinks Satan is related to Justin Bieber. Phil would eat ham every day for the rest of his life if he got paid a million pounds for every month he lived, even if he would die from what he and Dan would like to call ham poisoning.
Philip Michael Lester is 28 years old and lives in London, England with his best friend Dan. Phil was born on January 30, 1987. In case you don't want to do the math, that means that Dan and Phil are 4 years apart. Dan and Phil have lived together since 2011. Phil started his YouTube career in 2006 and as of today, his channel has almost 3 050 000 subscribers. In 2011, Phil won a Guinness World Record for fastest coin stacking, placing 25 coins on top of each other in 31.617 seconds. Dan and Phil also have a gaming channel called DanAndPhilGAMES and do livestreams on YouNow.
DanAndPhilGAMES is Dan and Phil's gaming channel. The channel was created on May 2, 2014. Besides the games they play against each other, they also play multiplayer games like Portal 2 and Donkey Kong. They also play horror games in October such as Five Night's At Freddy's 1, 2, 3 and 4, Sonic.exe, Slender and Outlast. For the games they play against each other they have a chart called Dan vs Phil. Every time one of them wins a game, they put a sticker on the chart under the name of the person who won. As of today, DanAndPhilGAMES has almost 1 620 000 subscribers.
phil is not on fire (also known as pinof) was the first video that immensely launched Dan and Phil's popularity. Dan and Phil make a phil is not on fire video every year. The video series phil is not on fire shows Dan and Phil drawing cat whiskers on their faces and answering random questions that their viewers sent in.
The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, also known as TABINOF, is a book written by Dan and Phil. In the book, they have fun facts about them, quotes from phil is not on fire, quizzes, childhood memories, diary entries and A LOT more! They're also currently on tour. They named the tour TATINOF which stands for The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire.
Dan and Phil also make cooking/baking tutorial videos. Most of the time, the videos are for a specific holiday like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc. The cooking/baking videos are uploaded on the channels danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil.
Dan and Phil have a crafts channel as well called DanAndPhilCRAFTS.
They have only uploaded one video to that channel though. It's called DanAndPhilCRAFTS -Squareflakes. They end the video with their motto "Don't cry, CRAFT!"
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