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Urinary System

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Transcript of Urinary System

Urinary System Functions Urine production and elimination are one of the most important mechanism of body homeostasis General function of Urinary System Elimination of excess nutrients and excess hormones Helps to regulate blood volume and pressure Regulation of electrolytes and body ph Regulates erythropoiesis and calcium absorption Removal of metabolic wastes and toxins Urinary System parts Kidney (2) Renal pelvis (3) Ureter (4) Urinary bladder (5) Urethra (6) Adrenal gland (7) Renal artery and vein (7) Inferior vena cava (9) Abdominal aorta (10) Common iliac artery (11) Liver (12) Large intestine (13) Pelvis (14) Renal Artery (8) The order of the urine being excreted from the kidneys 1.- Kidneys
2.- Ureters
3.- Urinary Bladder
4.- Urethra
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