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DIY (Do It Yourself)

DIY as a trend

anna cp

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of DIY (Do It Yourself)

Do It Yourself DIY WHAT IS DIY? DIY is the art of reinvent, reuse and create new stuff by ourselves
adding personality To analyse the possibilities of DIY
in the fashion industry To understand how much knowledge
of DIY people had to market it To find the balance between consumers and brands to market DIY products To know the value
of DIY
for consumers OBJECTIVES QUANTITATIVE DATA QUALITATIVE DATA "It is original and unique"
"It is preferable to have someone else doing those crafts"
"Internet has the inconvenients of could not see how fabrics are and the real colours" EVALUATION A great majority of people knows about the trend
Not all the majority has done or bought any DIY
Designer or ourselves?
People know this trend, but only online
The sample's value of DIY is personalizing and customizing RECOMMENDATIONS Found DIY in shops, done by designers
Shops that suit with DIY according to participants are:

The target who would buy DIY in stores could be:
Young people from 18 to 30.
They love crafts but don't have time
They go to the shop looking for new trends.
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