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ECL461 assignment

Introducing Miss Pownall

sarah pownall

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ECL461 assignment

Introducing Ms Pownall... 19 year old Deakin education student bubbly Why do I want to be an english teacher? to share my knowledge and passion for the english language
and to exlplore new ways of learning and teaching. i want to improve on teachers i have had and want to be even more inspiring than some of the best teachers i have ever had. i also want to be able to bring an excitement to the english classroom and not have students feel like they HAVE to be there but rather WANT to be there. Where are your experiences of English, and schooling more generally, and how might these impact upon your practice?
Believe I can improve on teachers ive had in the past

I can be a great English teacher!

Don’t want to bore students...want to make it engaging and different!

Believe I can be like teachers ive had, some of which who's teachings have stayed with me for years.

Want to change students thinking in the way that they changed mine

Had a good schooling of English and wish to continue for students to have a similar experience of english at school

Covered several genres and capacities of English
Poetry, Shakespeare, creative writing, essay writing, film as text, lyrics

Who will you be in the English classroom? What will this look like in practice?
•Using materials
•Group work
•Exciting, active and engaged learning
•Modern resources eg facebook
•Vastly improve the language ailities of all students
•Use personal experience of stuents
What kind of eng teacher do I want to be?

What are the ideas and beliefs that I have connected most strongly to from the course so far?

fun creative innovative full of surprises!
fun happy more of a glass half full person
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