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Coursework -primary and audience research

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Coursework -primary and audience research

The website for the band I am promoting will feature links to twitter and instagram. I have seen this used on other sites I have looked at in my research and I think it is a good opportunity for the band to take advantage of the two step flow theory so the audience reccomend the band to others.
Putting together your primary research
Have you......

Analysed texts from more than one platform.
Referred to the key concepts (forms/representation/institution/audience.)
Identified codes and conventions of the form/genre.
Included pictures or screenshots to support your points.
Interscope records
Interscope records is run by Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. They manage Madonna, Maroon Five, Lana Del Ray, The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem and Dr Dre.

The artists they represent show that they want to attract a diverse, global audience.

They will need to promote dominant ideologies to do this such as equality and diversity. This could be the reason why Eminem (who was publicly derogatory about gay people) dueted with Elton John, who was also signed to Interscope at the time, at the grammys.
The design for my fanzine will be inspired by NME magazine. This is because the band I am promoting are an "indie" band so the target demographic will be similar to NME's.
NME typically uses colours that have British connotations such as red and white which I think would be a good fit for my fanzine because the band are british and will have a british fanbase. They also tend to use black typography which can have connotations of alternative subcultures such as "grunge" and "heavy metal" which will again appeal to my target demographic as the band I'm promoting are not a big mainstream band.
Audience research
To make a sucessful product, you need to have a good idea of who your target audience is and how you will appeal to them. To do this, you need to conduct some audience research. This might take the form of questionnaires or a focus group. Audience research is a standard institutional practice for companies making a product.
Statement of intent
This is where you use your research to explain what your production pieces will be.

Pay attention to the brief!!!!!
Corsework -primary and audience research
Institution research:

Who are some of the key institutions in the field you are examining?
Indie/small record labels
Charity organisations

Find out about who owns them; their brand identity and how they are run.
Interscope head Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre created Beats headphones and products which were then promoted by many Interscope artists including Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video.
You should ask a mixture of closed and open questions:

Closed question:

Do you watch music videos?

Open question:

What encourages you to watch a music video?

The questions NEED to be relevant to what you are going to make.
You will need to think about WHO you ask. They should be people who are part oour target audience.
Example questions:

How do you find out about new music?

Do Charity appeal videos have an effect on you?

What would encourage you to eat healthier?

Is social media important in the promotion of bands?

Does humour in a music video appeal to you?

Do you share videos you like on social media?

Do you visit websites of bands you like?

What features do you expect to see on a website for a new band/charity?
Explain your findings
Once you have completed your audience research, you will need to explain your findings. How will it impact your product?
8 people said that they find out information about new acts on social media This shows me that I should use cross media promotion in my music video so that the audience know where to find out about the band and to show that I am aiming at a young target demographic.
Focus groups
Another method of audience research is focus groups. You could show a selection of music videos/charity videos/leaflets or magazines to a group of people and get feedback about what they like/don't like.

It NEEDS to be useful to your product.

You have to quantify and explain your findings.

Writing skills

Make sure you are answering the question!
Keep referring back to the question so your answer stays focused.

Hints about the narrative are offered to the audience in a variety of ways.
The trailer used lots of short clips from different points in the film to give the audience a taste of the whole story which is typical for a trailer, and there are also hints that Toderov's narrative theory can be applied. For example, the female protagonist is shown working in a desert landscape when a close up shot then shows her spotting something in the distance. This could be the equilibrium being disrupted. Audiences are used to Toderov's structure and might go see the film to find out what the resolution will be.
Always use examples to support what you are saying.

Fully explain why something is effective.

....binary oppositions are found in lots of narratives and are recognised by audiences quickly.
By highlighting a binary opposition in the trailer, the audience learn a key element of the film's narrative.
2 minute promotional music video that will be affordable for the band/artist; appeal to their fan base; generate interest and encourage the audience to share it online.

2 A4 pages of a "fanzine" that will be distributed at gigs. It will need to appeal to the target demographic; be a mixture of images and words and be appropriate for the genre of music.

Pages from the band/artist's website that encourages audience interaction. The website needs to reflect the band's identity and the music genre; have links to social media so people are encouraged to talk about them
Statement of intent plan
What are you going to make and what type of band is it for?
Who is your target demographic?
Be specific (Age/Gender/Psychographics/Socio economic grouping/Primary and Secondary audiences)
How has your research influenced what you are going to make?
How will your products attract your target demographic?
Think about the four concepts (media language/representation/audience/institution)
Audience theory
Who do they represent? (music)
What sort of campaigns do they run?

Primary research
Representation analysis
Statement of intent
Moodboard and analysis
Potential names
Institution research
Questionnaire and results

Planning documents:
Logo design
Planning Documents
Logo design
Design the logo for your band/charity
Draw your logo (or a few potential logos) and explain why you have chosen that colour/design. What do those things connote to the audience?
Storyboards are a blue print for your broadcast text. They should clearly explain what camera shots, movement and sound you are using.
Medium shot of presenter talking directly to camera
15 seconds
For your print products and e-media products, you need to make a mock layout for each page that you are going to produce.
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