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International Womens Day 2015 #MakeItHappen

International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. #MakeItHappen ----PLEASE SHARE-----

Spencer Waldron

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of International Womens Day 2015 #MakeItHappen

International Women's Day is a
global day
celebrating the economic, political & social
achievements of women past, present and future.

honour the women in the UK
and globally and work to a future that is
bright, equal, safe
for women everywhere.

Whilst there are too many
inspirational women in the UK

to mention all of them.
Here are a few to share.
is International
Women's Day
Dame Kelly Homes
The first British female athlete to win both the Olympic 800m & 1500m.

She founded the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, with a vision to get young lives on track using the unique skills of world class athletes to engage, enable
and empower.

Director of Liberty
Sharmishta Chakrabarti CBE
Director of Liberty, the British civil liberties advocacy organisation, Writer at the Guardian,
the Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University and
in September 2014, she took up the role as Chancellor of the University of Essex.

Caitlin Moran
Broadcaster & Author
Caitlin Moran is an English broadcaster, TV critic and columnist.

In addition she is the author of "How to be a woman" and "How to build a girl". In addition she has also just written a comedy.

Olivia Garfield
Olivia Garfield is the chief executive of
Severn Trent Water, and formerly the chief executive of Openreach, a BT Group business.

Since February 2013, she has also been a
non-executive director at Tesco.

Lorraine Kelly
TV Presenter
Lorraine Kelly is a Scottish television presenter, journalist and actress, best known as a presenter for TV-am, and later GMTV and ITV Breakfast, on Daybreak and Lorraine.


International Women's Day
For more information about
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