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Bene Elohim

No description

Jan Carlo Villalva

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Bene Elohim

` bene elohim WHAT IS? b.e. bene elohim /benê haelohîm/ -a lifestyle brand and store -brainchild of designers/stylists NJ Oropesa and JC Villalva [SONS OF GOD] -carries designer goods that are hard-to-find in Manila MISSION: develop a lifestyle brand that caters to Manila's stylish elite create a store that brings cult and hard-to-find designer paraphernalia to Manila nurture and rank local brands among esteemed fashion brands in the world achieve an aesthetic that is unlike any other today offer quality goods at a reasonable cost VISION: a Manila that can be compared to renowned fashion capitals a Manila that recognizes well-designed and executed clothes and accessories a Manila that cultivates local brands to their fullest potential a Manila that is conscious about the environment, but most of all, about its own image a Manila that looks forward to the future WHERE IS? preferably a store in a high-end mall or space which attracts middle to upper class clientele in cyberspace with its own domain, available to international customers WHICH BRANDS? to satisfy the most discriminating taste in fashion, our store will offer a wide range of designer labels that are not readily available in Manila. Both international and local brands, that are true to our own aesthetic, will stock our shelves with the highest quality design and materials. we will carry on-trend and on-season garments, as well as bags, shoes and accessories LABELS: Ann Demeulemeester Comme des Garcons Damir Doma Helmut Lang Martin Margiela Rick Owens STORE VIBE: SHOE AND BAG ATELIER ANN DEMEULEMEESTER COMME des GARCONS DAMIR DOMA MARTIN MARGIELA RICK OWENS SHOES AND BAGS ATELIER LOOK: PARTICULARS: CAPITAL PhP 3,000,000 Breakdown: approx. Store Rental
915/sqm x 120sqm 110,000 Employees fees
18,000/mo x 5 90,000 Utilities (elec, water, etc.)
35,000 35,000 Worth of Merchandise
(shipping, gross price)
1,500,000 1,500,000 Tax (clearances, permits)
180,000 180,000 Misc.
150,000 150,000 TOTAL 2,065,000 SEE YOU AT OUR GRAND LAUNCH!
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