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A Journey Into Science Librarianship

A short trip into the world of science librarian, Caroline L. Gilson of DePauw University's Prevo Science Library.

Shamella Cromartie

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of A Journey Into Science Librarianship

1837 2010 A Journey Into
Science Librarianship an interview with Caroline L. Gilson 2002 Founded in 1837 by the Methodist church, DePauw University is a private, selective, coeducational, residential, undergraduate College of Liberal Arts and School of Music. Programs, and the National Association of Schools of Music. "I do not have a background in science. I was a religion/christian education major. I think I fell into my job as science librarian and then just accepted it." What does Caroline do..... (2009-present) Science Librarian Prevo Science Library And along comes Caroline Gilson........ About Caroline..... How she fits in....... Caroline takes an active interests in the sciences
she attends science seminars on campus
she takes advantage of faculty interaction and assures them that she wants to help them and their students Associate Director with administrative responsibilities
Liasion for Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments
Liason for the Physics and Astronomy Departments Caroline has created over 20 libguides for the sciences. "There really is no such thing as a typical workday for me. I find that science library users are very different from humanities users" Listen to my interview with Caroline Gilson Talking with a Science Librarian “One doesn’t have to speak French to show someone where the French language dictionaries are.....I sort of feel the same way about chemistry and physics. I don’t have to know the subject, but I am a good librarian, and I apply my searching skills and knowledge to the research process and it usually works out fine. And I learn something too” "When I'm at the reference desk I'm totally interruptible, I'm fair game. I'm not one of those librarians who can't work the circulation dcsk either." "I know how to search a database.....
If I can share that with a student and give them the resources, they're the ones who need to synthesize them and find out if they'r relevant or not." A Prezi by
Shamella Cromartie
for LSIS 5240
Final Project Special thanks to
Caroline L. Gilson for her assistance in this project. References
Gilson, C. (2010, October 5) Email Interview.
Gilson, C. (2010, November 23) Skype Interview.
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