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UnMe Jeans

No description

nguyen tramy

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of UnMe Jeans

Jenny Tong-97493653 Group members Outline The evolution of marketing media
Concept of web 2.0
4 ideologies
UnMe Jeans background
3 alternative ( Facebook, Youtube and Zwinktopia)
UnMe's money on marketing
Recommendation Web 2.0 Web 2.0 can be described in 3 parts
Rich Internet application (RIA)
Web-oriented architecture (WOA)
Social Web  Features: Search; Links; Authoring; Tags; Extension; Signals Four ideologies Consumer co-creation Gave consumers the ability to directly contribute to the online conversation and content that was available on the web Example: Youtube "Attracted 66 million U.S. visitors who spent an average of 50 minutes on the site per month" Social affiliation Connecting consumers to others formed the basis for the second cultural value of Web 2.0 Examples: MySpace & Facebook Digital self-expression Captured the desire for people
to express their identities online Example: Second Life Sharing The final cultural value of Web 2.0, sharing, was perhaps the most difficult for marketers to comprehend Through the construction of online social networks and communities, consumers were building peer-to-peer relationships that enabled them to quickly share information with each other and collaborate with others to collectively create UnMe Jeans one of the most successful up-and-coming players in the junior denim market a brand that was designed to encourage women to forge their own unique identities Target market Active teenage girl aged between
12-24 years old who have unique
style and taste in fashion Percent of U.S. Online Consumers Who Use social Networking Sites “How Frequently Do You Visit Social Networking Sites?” 3
altenatives Swinkytopia Social Affiliation -Founded in 2006 by IAC Interactive
-Target is teenagers (ranger from 13 to 24)
-80% of online users (50-60 million people) would have a presence in metaverses by 2011 STRENGTHS the most interaction with viewers, which reflects UnMEJean brand image of valuing the difference of options

the most used social media by the target audience WEAKNESSES more expensive than Zwinktopia and Facebook
to advertise on
a harder social media site to predict Allocate the UME JEANS budget for marketing strategy
-Currently, Margaret Foley isn’t spending enough on internet marketing.
-UME Jeans should reduce the advertising budget for newspaper by 10% and spend less on television or radio. UnMe's money on marketing The evolution of marketing media One way communication:
Traditional media: tv, radio, publishing
Internet network of web 1.0: websites, search engines,online banner advertising
Two way communication:
Social network of web 2.0 MARKETERS “talking to” consumers via one way communications MARKETERS “Talking with” customers Via two way communications Customer Customer Customer Customer Web 2.0 is a set of economic, social, and technology trends that collectively form the basis for the next generation of the Internet—a more mature, distinctive medium characterized by user participation, openness, and network effects UnME Jeans Customer Media Advertising Newsapper (1704) Magazines (1731) Radio (1896) Television (1930s) Web 1.0 Web 2.0 establish on February 4, 2004
now have almost 1billion users
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