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Rhode Island Presentation

By Sabrina Hsu and Asad Ruffin

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Rhode Island Presentation

Rhode Island Presentation
Sabrina Hsu & Asad Ruffin
Rhode Island is located in the New England Colonies. Some other colonies nearby are Connecticut and Massachusetts. Connecticut to the West of Rhode island and Massachusetts is to the North of it.
Capitals and Towns
The Capital of Rhode Island is The Providence. Some towns in Rhode island are: Kingstown, Greenwich, Cumberland, Bristol and Warren.
The founder of Rhode Island is Roger Williams in 1636. He was a Puritan with an unpopular opinion. He believed that he could worship God without being judged.

Rhode island was officially established by Roger Williams in 1636
Fun Fact: Rhode Island was visited by Giovanni da Verrazano. He arrived in 1524, he was the first European to arrive there.

In the winter, around January, the coldest temperature is -2 degrees C (28.4F). The hottest temperature in the summer, month of July is 22 degrees C (71.6F). Their summer were humid and the winters were colder and harsher than in England. But that means that you can snuggle up with your family and talk to each other. The average annual temperature is 10 degrees C (50 degrees F).
Some places you can go see in your
free time are these physical features:
Rivers - The Blackstone, the Pawtuxet, Pawcatuck and the Narragansett Bay.
Lakes- Indian Lake, Watchaug Pond,
Ninigret Pond, Lake Mishnock, Trustom Pond.
Mountains- Jerimoth Hill
If you moved to Rhode island. You could be a landowner with large farms, you'd be called a cattle and dairy farmer. A lot of other people who have had farms that produced enough food to sustain their family. Those farms produced crops like corn, beans, and squash.
A lot of people from different religions come here to practice their religion. Quakers, Baptists, Anglicans, Puritans, Jews, French Hguenots, Congregationalists and many more came to practice their religions. So no matter what God you believe in, you are always welcome to the roads of Rhode Island.
Politics and Governments
The colony of Rhode Island is ruled by a governor, deputy governor, ten of the governors assistants, and a general assembly. They are elected by the colonists and in all the towns. The people of Rhode island are allowed to make militia to defend the people of the colony and go to war.
Before Founded
Before Roger Williams established the colony of Rhode Island, some Italian and Dutch explorers already explored the area. When Roger got there, there were some Native Americans already there. The two groups got along well. But the the diseases from our bodies soon killed all of the Native Americans. As time passed, more English colonists took their place. There will be
very little Native people there.

Reasons being founded
Roger William founded the Rhode Island colony in 1636. He once a puritan and realized that the puritan's rules were too strict. He believed that he could worship any God he wanted without being judged. He was also being watched because if he broke another puritan rule, he would be sent to jail.
Who was there, why they came
Back when he was still in Massachusetts Roger Williams had problems against the PUritan leaders. They told him he could stay in Massachusetts just as long as he didn't say anything against their rules. After he disobeyed their directions, he was sent back to England with his family. Once again, he disobeyed that order. He sailed off to Rhode Island and Established a colony there. Some other families who stood against with Williams left because of religious persecution and they were curious to see what Roger Williams called "Haven for Justice"
Key People
Founder - Roger Williams

Stephen Hawkins - Governor

Samuel Ward - Former Govener
Big war between the Narragansett Native American tribe and the settlers.
Fought in the British war in the French and Indian war.

Thank You!
The main industries of Rhode island are the fishing bays. You could have lots of delightful fish that smell nothing like the one's in England because the waters they live in are very fresh. The rich water was discovered by Giovanni da Verrazano. You could also have big plantations for growing crops.
Main Industries
Physical Features
Crops/ Trade
Some foods they are growing are sweet corn, tomatoes, beans, squash, and potatoes. On the Narragansett bay, they fished shellfish, cod, sea bass, tuna, flounder, lobsters, clams, swordfish, mackerel, and squid (also whaling). They like to trade fur and some of their crops with the Native Americans. But they all died out soon enough.
You should come to this colony because it has nice temperatures from growing crops. Rhode island has fishing bays where lots of fish roam around. This is also a religious free colony. That means whatever religion you believe in you are welcomed into the colony. Another benefit is that you can learn other people's religions. See you there!
Small colony, big hearts
Anyone with any religion is welcomed
Growing crops
Fishing bays
learning other religions
Endless opportunities
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