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Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio

No description

Mod Zircon

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio

Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio
End of Report
Prepared by: Team Dog Eaters (Literally)
Point of View

Husband of Lumnay and Madulimay
Willing to have a child with Lumnay eventually he has to marry Madulimay.
Inlove with Lumnay.
Wife of Awiyao
Inlove with her husband and can't take separation of their relationship because she can't bear a child.
A woman who was left by her husband because he had to marry a new/another woman.
Awiyao's new wife
Willing to marry Awiyao
When the protagonist is in their hut listening to the festivity outside and thinking of the past.
Rising Action
When they realized that they cannot have any child.
When the society norms dictates their future that her must marry another girl to have a child.
Falling Action
The Wedding Day: She's alone in the house contemplating.
Awiyao has to go back to the wedding dance.
Awiyao has to leave Lumnay and marry another woman. Despite being a great wife, Lumnay can't give him a child. It is said that there is an unwritten law that a man may take another woman, if his wife can't give him a child. Awiyao needs a child to affirm his virility and to establish his place among his tribesmen so he decided to leave Lumnay and marry
Mountain somewhere in the Philippines
Hiouse of Awiyao and Limnay
Exploring Filipino Tradition
True Love is all about sacrifices and hope.
Point of View
Omniscient Limited - The author used the third person (he is using pronouns such as they, she, he, it, etc) to tell us the story. We can only see or feel the thoughts and feelings of the characters if he allows it to reveal on us. We only know what the character knows and what the author allow us to know.
Dr. Virgion H. Mamonong
Literature Professor
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