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Weapons of Influence

No description

Roberta Bardawil

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Weapons of Influence

The Old Give and Take…and Take
Truths Are Us
Hobgoblins of the Mind
“You are beginning an adventure. Treat it as an adventure and you may never be the same again.”
- L. Ron Hubbard
Commitment and Consistency:
Social Proof:
How to say "No!":

Ask yourself, knowing what I now know, if I could go back in time, would I make the same choice again?

"There is a part that recognizes that our initial choice is a brand of foolish consistency – the place is your heart of hearts"

“One means we use to determine what is correct is to find out what others think is correct.”
(i.e. other's actions define the answers)

Capitalize on this when
is present and others are seen as similar to us.

Church of Scientology: levels of "clear", the goal being to reach the highest level (certification and training courses, "State of Clear" ceremonies)

New members are issued 'contacts' to guide them on their path

How to Say No: Don't always rely on your auto-pilot, look up and around every now and then
Thursday, April 2, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to 'Going Clear'
The Friendly Thief
We tend to be influenced by people we like

Likability can come from a sense of familiarity/similarity, trustfulness, attractiveness, etc.

"Obligation of friendship"

Church of Scientology: in 1969, bought the Celebrity Centre to recruit celebrities to use as ‘pitchmen’ for the religion

How to say no: be aware that you are a 'victim' of liking, concentrate on the merits
Directed Deference
Milgram Study: Obedience to Authority
Types of Authority:
Symbolic Authority
Appearance of authority is enough
How to Say No:
"Is this authority truly an expert?"
"How truthful can we expect the expert to be?"
The Rule of the Few

Potential unavailability and potential loss
"Limited Number" tactic
Deadline tactic
A less available item is automatically given highly desired and valued.
How to Say "No!":

1) Flag experience of heightened arousal- note it.
2) Confront question of the utility of the item to determine its necessity.

Thank you

Authors Now Taking Questions
Team Impact:
Andy Duberstein
Roberta Bardawil
Elizabeth Hampton
Rachel Ross
Ruchika Sindhi
Roberta Bardawil
Ruchika Sindhi
Elizabeth Hampton
1. Reciprocation:
The Old Give and Take…and Take

2. Commitment and Consistency:
Hobgoblins of the Mind

3. Social Proof:
Truths Are Us

4. Liking:
The Friendly Thief

5. Authority:
Directed Deference

6. Scarcity:
The Rule of the Few
Robert B. Cialdini
If you are given or offered something, whether you want it or not, you will feel an obligation to return the favor.
New members are promised that Scientology can fix any their problems. As members seek higher levels of "clarity," though, Scientology reaps large financial reward from these indebted people.
Travolta claims that Scientology aims for "a world without criminality, a world without war and a world without insanity"
The reciprocation effect of Influence in Scientology is the short-term hook.
How to stop this effect: Focus on the intent behind the initial favor.
Elizabeth Hampton
Andy Duberstein
How John Travolta and Tom Cruise got involved in Scientology - Travolta got involved when Hubbard increased his efforts in Los Angeles in the 1970s

Forced to do menial labor and only sleep a few hours a night

Separated from their children

Kids are seen as a “distraction” to their parents

“Audit” - where a Scientology member is forced to reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears on the way to attain spiritual and mental clarity (is recorded and filmed)
Article Overview
WP article based on an HBO Special Documentary aired this past Sunday with over 1.7M views
Someone, after placing a bet, is much more confident in their bet.

Due to our obsessive desire, deep down, to remain consistent with what we’ve done, we convince ourselves that we made the right decision, and stand by it; even if it was the wrong decision.

After he discovered Scientology, Travolta started booking everything: commercials, small acting gigs, tv sitcom roles.

In a previous interview, he said “The beliefs and practices that I have studied in Scientology have been invaluable to me”

From the inside, there is a pressure to bring self-image into line with action, and from the outside there is pressure to adjust the image according to the way others perceive us.
Rachel Ross
Rachel Ross
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