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Coil Pot Facts

No description

Michaila Roberts

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Coil Pot Facts

Coil Pot Facts
Coil pots are one of the oldest forms of art ever found by archaeologists.
Prehistoric pots were first found in England, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Greece & parts of America.
Long ago before clay pots were used, people used clay lined baskets which wouldn't have been hardened clay but sticky. They used them as containers until one day someone left it to close to the fire & it hardened, while the other part of the basket that was not clay burned off.
These pots were used for cooking, storage, and preserving seeds for another years planting. The structure depended on the function. For example water pots had indented bottoms so they could be carried by head, larger ones were for storing.
To create my coil pot which was based off of Betsy Rosenmiller, I took my clay and coiled it up by rolling it into a long worm shape and staking 3 small layers at a time. The rest of it was just shaping the clay the best i could. Next i made handles by smoothing them in my enclosed fist and the final stuff was just painting and firing.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
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