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Staff Feedback on Formative Assessment

Term 1 2012-13 AY

Kiyomi Kirkpatrick

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Staff Feedback on Formative Assessment

Give an example of a formative assessment strategy you used this term; was it successful? Why or why not? Comments from Term 1 reports Rubrics Skills tests Feedback on formative assessment Coloured cups and
popsicle sticks Successful when I remembered to use them! Students knew to be ready to answer, and not just rely on the extroverted classmates. A common rubric was used, revised,
and used again. We did a collaborative marking session using the rubric we refined.
By designing and revising a common
rubric, we understood more precisely
the skills we were asking our students
to demonstrate. Students marked it themselves and
identified skill areas to improve on.
First, students were reluctant to do the
assessment, but once they realized it was not for marks, they understood the value of identifying areas to improve on.
The students felt in control and
responsible for their learning. Samples of
student work I scanned examples of quality student work, keeping the identity of the author anonymous.
Students assessed the work according to the marking rubric, or compared the example to their own work. Rubrics Students knew ahead of time how they
were to be marked. I had better results
and could redirect students back to the
rubric during formative assessment
so they knew exactly what to
correct. Tests Quizzes/exam questions were handed back with the total marks at the top but no indication of which questions were correct and which had errors.
Students made corrections and handed back in for marking. Students learned from their mistakes instead of just looking at the mark and then filing the quiz into their binders.
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