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Sasuke Uchiha

No description

elias sowell

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha
A Character Of The Japanese Anime Show, NARUTO, Sasuke Uchiha, Born On July 23 In Konohagakure, Or "The Village Hidden In The Leaves," Of The Land Of Fire Was To Be The Main Friend, Then Rival, Teammate, And Eventually Enemy Of the Main Protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Although Not The Main Charcter Sasuke Always Was The More Superior Of The Two When They Were Enrolled In The Academy, Which Naruto Really Let Get on His Nerves Disliking Sasuke Right From The Start Because Of The Natural Attention Sasuke Got For Not Only Being Of Uchiha Bloodline, One The Four Noble Clans Of Konohagakure, Thought To Be the Strongest, Posessing One Of The Three Dojutsu, Or "Great Eye Techniques." He Also Was The Son Of Fugaku Uchiha The Leader Of The Uchiha Clan, And Leader Of The Konohagakure Military Police Force. He Was Also Brother Of Itachi Uchiha, ANBU Black Ops Captain, The ANBU Black Ops Is Their Top Military/Police Force In The Leaf Village, And The Prodigy Of The Uchiha, Being The The Leaders Son. And To Top That All Off Sasuke Was Really A True Prodigy Himself Impressing His Teachers, And Peers Time After Time.
Naruto Is An Ongoing Japanese Manga Series That Has Turned Into A Top World Wide Anime With Over 400 Episodes, It Is Currently In Its Second Series Which Is Known As Naruto Shippuden. If You Go A Little More In Depth Of The Show, Naruto Is A World Of Ninja With Abnormal Powers. Every Ninja's Power Comes From This Inside Energy That Flows Through Their Body Like Blood Known As Chakra, And By Channeling Their Chakra Correctly They Can Release As Techniques Called Jutsu, Which Categorized In Three Main Groups Consisting Of Ninjutsu, Which Is The Most Common Like Shooting Fireballs, And Making Clones Of Yourself. Genjutsu Which Is Different Type Of Jutsu That Doesnt Let You Control The Enemy Themself But Affects What Their Five Senses Detect Like Itachi's Tsukuyomi Which If They Enemy Looks The User In The Eye He Is Transported To An Illusionary World Where Time Is Slower The Real Life And Itachi Has Full Control Over To Torture Enamies Anyway He Wants, Leaving Devastated From Mental Effects, Not Only That But In Real Life Time This Happens In An Instant. Taijutsu, Which Is Preformed By Rock Lee And Is Hand To Hand Combat Type Jutsu Which Doesnt Rely On Chakra But Relies On The Stamina And Strength That The User Gains From Hours Of Training, And Since You Dont Need Chakra To Preform It, It Is Faster Preformed, Along With The Fact That Most Ninjutsu Requires Hand Signs To Preform Them. They Use These Justu In Combat Just Like We Use Guns In Warfare To Take Land, Fight Evil Groups Like The Akatsuki, And Protect Each Other From Danger.

The Lands, And Lords
There Are Many Great Lands And Nations In The Naruto Series, But To Save Time Im Just Going To Go Over The Five Main Ones. They Consist Of The Land Of Fire, Being The Main Land In The Series Because It Is The Home Land Of The Main Character Naruto, And It Has The Largest Ninja Village, Its Leader, The Hokage, Is Tsunade. The Land Earth, Which Has The Iwagakure As Its Main Village And Is Ruled By The Tsuchikage. The Land Of Lightning, Which Is Now Considered The Most Talented After The Destruction Of The Fires Konoha, Is Home To The Kumogakure Which Is Ruled By The Raikage, And Holds The Jinchuuriki Of The Second Strongest Tailed Beast, The Eight Tails Whos Jinchuuriki Is Killer Bee Who Almost Kills Sasuke. Next Up Is The Land Of Water, Which Is My Personal Favorit, Ruled By The Mizukage, And Its Main City Is The Kirigakure. The Final One Is The Land Of Wind, Home Of The Sunagakure, Where Its Leader The Kazekage, Gaara, And Former Jinchuuriki One The One Tailed Beast, Shikaku Lives.
Sasuke's History
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