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L'azurde's PR Campaign

No description

zainab e.

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of L'azurde's PR Campaign

L'azurde's "4 Elements" Campaign Mission Make the public aware of new collection Create a buzz in the media Inspire public with L'azurde heritage and deep history Increase awareness regarding "4 Elements" collection in all of GCC IDEA An masquerade party to hunt for missing jewlery of new collection The person that finds it, keeps it. One day event- involves guests wearing masks in a hunt, identities will be disclosed at the very end. Purpose Involve public with event to ensure close relationship with brand. To inform public of the symbol of our brand: Beauty Freedom of spirit Elegance Confidence Changing the perception of L'azurde permenantly in the minds and eyes of the public, make it a memorable experience, after all its gold, diamonds and precious stones, who can say no to that? Created by finest Italian designers such as:
Silvia Botteghi
Meriem benkortbi
Mario Arioli
Ida Callegaro
More people need to know, understand and appreciate L'azurde's fine jewlery. Analyzing the situation Internal Enviroment Founded by Al Othaim family more 20 years ago Owned by Investcorp, alongside Tiffany , Gucci, Chaumet etc. Distributes to over 4200 retailers in MENA Elissa face of L'azurde for 4 years Public Perception, what does the public know? Leading gold jeweller World Gold Council Premium jewlery brand in Arab world External enviroment Competitors:
Chaumet Unique factors of L'azurde:
creates masks
jewlery unique to brand theme Supporters:
Elissa, Ambassadress of brand Best quality and craftmanship Public Analysis Who are L'azurde's public? 20-45 years of women living in KSA and Egypt Women all over GCC
To understand the femininity and attractiveness that L'azurde jewlery makes a woman feel. Who are L'azurde's {Key} publics? Customers Women all over the GCC Producers
Who make our dream public PR people Investcorp Goals&Objectives It is important to have clear and achievable goals and objectives! 1- Make L'azurde a buzz in the media= Task managment goal

2-To enchance L'azurde as the leading gold jewler and leading World Gold Council=Reputation goal Action strategy Proactive strategy that will include: Audience Participation through event and Twitter, Facebook and website publicity through radio broadcast, tv, billboards. inorder to find treasure Tactics Interpersonal communication tactics Special event Organizational Tactic
General Publications Electronic invitations Advertising& promotional tools Radio Print ads Promotional Items
Social Media Tactics Evaluation Gathering databases of public that will attend event Follow tweet fans and ask for feedback
record of number participants feedback can be recieved for free through Twitter and Facebook Research "The whole reason behind our existence is to make around the Arab world understand their beauty and then take that beauty and make it their power and source of confidence." by me. Map & Event Malls in KSA:

Hayat mall
Riyadh Sahara mall
Al Faisaliyah mall
Aziziyah mall Malls in Egypt:

City center mall
Amco center
City mall Helipolis
Newspaper &Magazines in KSA:

KSA Today
Saudi Gazette
Al Hayat
Sayidaty magazine
Al Jamila magazine
Layalina magazine Newspapers & Magazines in Egypt:

Akhbar el Youm
Al Ahram weekly
Daily news Egypt
Kol Al Osra magazine
Sayidaty magazine
etc. VIP cards distributed to all guests

Will include discounts on new collection
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