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How Does Color Affect Heating by Absorption of Light?

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Dorian Sanchez

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of How Does Color Affect Heating by Absorption of Light?

How Does Color Affect Heating by Absorption of Light?
by: Dorian Sanchez, Jose Romero
Light is an example of a Electromagnetic wave. The reason why you see a color is if a white light shines on a blue object all the colors that make-up that white light are absorbed into the object except for blue. The reason that the blue is not absorbed is because it is reflected to make the object appear blue. The amount of light energy that an object absorbs depends upon its appearance. The brighter an object is, the more light it reflects. The darker the object, the less light it reflects.
My hypothesis is that the black object is going to absorb the most light since because black is not a color since it absorbs all color instead of reflecting a single color. No color is reflected ,so therefore it will be really hot with the sun's radiation shining on it and will heat up faster.
Set up colored construction paper outside by sun.

Then with a glass of water pour on each colored paper.

Then set the timer to ten min.

Set magnifying glass over the first colored construction paper at a good angle to were the sun is going through the magnifying glass.

Once the timer rings record the amount of which was burned.

Do the same with the rest of the colored construction paper for your final result.

Analyze your recordings.

6–8 sheets of colored construction paper (different colors),



heat lamp,

• timer or clock,

•Magnifying glass
science project
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