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Charlotte Danielson - Framework for Teaching

No description

Joe Russell

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Charlotte Danielson - Framework for Teaching

Charlotte Danielson - Framework for Teaching Part I: Outcomes
Have a conversation about good teaching
Be able to summarize each domain and identify key words within the levels of performance 3a - Communicating w/ students - NOV/DEC
3b - Using questioning - JAN
3c - Engaging students - FEB/MAR
3d - Using assessment - APRIL
3e - Demonstrating flexibility - MAY Focus for 2012-2013 Background & Purpose State Evaluation Tool
SDW's involvement in consortium
Build shared understanding of framework as
well as calibrate expectations If you were to walk into a classroom, what might you see or hear there (from the students as well as the teacher) that would cause you to think that you were in the presence of an expert?

What would make you think: “Oh, this is good; if I had a child this age, this is the class I would hope for.”

One observation on post-its.

When time is up, compare notes with your table. Identify items both similar and different. Consolidate your list at your table. Can you group the post-its into categories? Danielson Framework -
Four Domains Domain 1 - Planning & Preparation

Domain 2 - Classroom Environment

Domain 3 - Instruction

Domain 4 - Professional Responsibilities Domain Digging
Each person choose a domain
Read the narrative and fill out the domain worksheet
Under the domain level of performance, highlight the key words under each level of performance for your domain
Share out with each other and take notes on the other domains, to capture an understanding of all domains. Levels of Performance https://docs.google.com/a/waukesha.k12.wi.us/document/d/1fGlOBA7EquZjaR0zulKYPairS82GcbCwI46xGMYIcnY/edit Checking for Understanding Fill out the Domain Worksheet at your table
Review your answers with your group
Check your answers https://docs.google.com/a/waukesha.k12.wi.us/document/d/1j_5PlWcDZicn9H96zZiCIZXEBryZ1yIGVT0A4qSkdRU/edit Domain 3: Instruction 3a - Communicating with Students

3b - Using questioning and discussion techniques

3c - Engaging students in learning

3d - Using assessments in instruction

3e - Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness Find another teacher who teaches the same content, but at a different grade level.
Each group will focus on one component of Domain 3.
Read over the narrative of each component - take notes and highlight key words.
Construct a filmstrip showing the various levels of performance for your component using paper provided. Part II: Outcomes
Be able to create examples of classroom instruction at the four levels of performance. 3a - Communicating with Students 42 'Visits' since November 9 - Distinguished
23 - Proficient
10 - Basic
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