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Single Cell Protein

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on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Single Cell Protein

Single Cell Protein
What is an
Industrial Fermenter?
Our Product:
they are proteins that are derived from cultures single-celled organisms.

Single-cell protein develops through fermentation of microbes

They are used as a protein-rich food substitute or a food supplement.
Aseptic precaution
a reaction vessel where fermentation occurs
How is it used?
- Once an industrial fermenter gets going, it
produces heat
and this
down the reaction to keep temperature at
optimum temperature

-require a pH probe as we are trying to keep the pH level at the optimum rate.

-Overall, the fermenter is to keep the
optimum growth conditions
for the microorganisms so it is able to produce the product
Industrial Fermenters machines that allow us to grow microorganisms on a
large scale
These machines, which are usually about 7-9 feet tall, are able to contain up to
200,000 litres of culture
the cells are carefully monitored to ensure that they are always in
optimal conditions
and are always provided with nutrients.
They are usually made of
stainless steel
, and this is because as the microorganisms ferment, they usually produce
, which will eventually eat away (corrode) the wall of ordinary metals.
Why do industries manufacture our product?
Easily, genetically
based on varying amino acid combinations.
high protein content
They can utilize a wide range of
raw materials
such as carbon sources which helps the removal of waste products.
Microbial strains
that have high yield and good compositions can be cultured and produced in large amounts easily.
Quality of production is
because it does not rely on climate or weather.
Important Parts
Cooling Jacket
- The cooling jacket keeps the microorganisms at the optimum temperature, as a lot of heat is produced through fermentation

Nutrient Inklet
- The area where the nutrients enter the fermenter

- Microorganisms are stirred with the nutrients to ensure that they do not fall to the bottom of the fermenter and keeps the air mixed.

- There are temperature and pH probes in the fermenter to maintain optimal conditions.

Sterile Air Supply
- An essential part to an industrial fermenter to supply clean air for the microorganisms to successfully respire.

Harvesting Outlet
- This is where the product is received and collected.
List of micro-organisms used for SCP production
Aspergillus fumigatus
aspergillus niger
Phizopus cyclopium
saccharomyces cerevisae
candida tropicalis
candida utlis
spirulina sps.
chlorella pyrenoidosa
chondrus crispus
pseudomonas fluroescens
bacillus megaterium
to prevent contamination of microorganisms.
Aseptic (sterile) conditions prevents them from spoilage.
The product will be 'ruined' without this process
Single cell protein is produced by the
Thank you for watching

presented by:
Stephen, Coco, Alif, Jiayi
yr10 Nov 2013
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