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John Cabot

An Italian navigator and explorer

Akram Hauter

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of John Cabot

John Cabot An Italian navigator and explorer As John Cabot travels west he finds a shoal of cod. As seen in the video. John Cabot also know as Giovanni Caboto was born in 1450. Cabot's birth place was Genoa, Italy. For business reason he move to Venice, Italy with his family. He then went and asked King Henry VII of England to give him money to go and test his idea. That was when Cabot had and idea that traveling west from Europe was a quicker way to Asia so he decided to move to England where he could get a opportunity to test he idea. The letter that King Henry
VII gave to John Cabot that let him explore. When John Cabot moved to Venice he learned navigation from Italian seamen and merchants. Sources



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cabot John Cabot was believed to have landed in cape Cape Breton Island. He then claimed the land for England. After exploring the land for about 20 days he returned to England and received £10 for having found the new isle. King Henry also gave John Cabot a pension of £20 a year. On John Cabot final voyage he assembled a fleet of 5 ships and 300 men. He also carried many other thing thinking that he could trade with the native people. As they traveled one ship was damage so it had to stay in Greenland. It is believed that icebergs and cold weather John Cabot was lost at sea. John Cabot's son wanted to be like his father and went to North American to find the westward passage and ended up looking for sliver.
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