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Video Games 2.0

No description

The Best Around

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Video Games 2.0

Genres include anything from a Rgp to Simulator games.
Video Games, What are they?
Video Games 2 0

Video Game are a form of entertainment of many people
Ratings are very important for the gaming community especially because some parents want to know what there kids are playing.
Sony is the producer of the PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, and the PSP. In my opinion thy are focused on more Mature audiences
Old Games
For the next couple slides we will be focusing in on already released games. So lets get started.
Mobile Game
Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, even the more occasional Flappy bird. All of them are part of the Mobile Game craze! Back when Apple introduced the first I-pod touch developers focused more on mobile games rather then console games. Thus creating more profit to produce more I-pods, I Phones and even in the future I Pads
From playing them, to watching other people pee their pants playing them.
So Lets Get Started!
Just To let you know through out the prezi there will be secrets through out the prezi. try to find them all
An example of a simulator game is
Surgeon Simulator which is a
simulator where you do heart transplants
and other surgeon stuff
But an Rpg on the other hand is a game where you progress in your abilities and you have choices in what you want to do
Nintendo is one of the most largest game companies it started back in the late 1980's in Japan. One of their very first games was... Mario. Since then they have released several different games such as Pokemon. They have also released several other consoles and mobile gaming devices such as the DS or the Wii, and even the Wii U. Nintendo is my favorite gaming company
Microsoft is the official publisher of the X-box, X-box 360, and the newest X-box one. This publisher is more in between on the age focus. However this is another one of my companies.
Super Smash Br s series
The Super smash bros series is one of my favorite series starting from Super Smash Bros Melee. all the way to the newest one Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. Obviously you can see the difference between the graphics of the games
Splatoon is a new kid friendly shooter for the Wii U. The basic objective is to cover the whole map in your team's color of paint. The games release date is said to be sometime in 2015
Yes it's time for everyone's favorite game..... POKEMON! We won't spend to much time on this game but here is just a couple of videos i found.
New pokemon fighting game said to be released in arcades and eventually on the Wii U
Mario is a 2D platformer and is probably one of the most popular franchise ever. With so many *spin off games the series probably has the most games ever made
*A spin off game is a game that is not like the original series example: Mario Golf
New Games
After a look at some of the oldies lets take a look at the new generation of video games
Yoshi's Wolly world is a 3d platformer that is going to be released on the Wii U in 2015
Sonic is an old 2d platformer. It was a big competitor with Mario. There original company was
Zelda is another 2d platformer made by Nintendo. The story is this boy named Link
Not Zelda
Plants vs zombies is a 2d strategy game where you protect "your" house from zombies with blood thirsty plants
However plants vs zombies garden warfare is a cartoon shooter where you play as zombies or plants
Captian toad Treasue Tracker is a 3D Platformer that shows the story of Captain Toad embarking on his quest around the universe searching for treausre
The reason this is in new games is because of the videos
Super Mario 3D world is another installment of the Mario franchise. The story is Mario and his friends get sucked into a clear pipe into a new world in which they must rescue all the fairys
Minecraft is a 3D adventure, platformer, and a building game. It has sold about 13 million copies and counting and is also very popular on the youtubes. It is also modifiable
Like any good gamer knows the game is never complete with out accessories
Turtle Beach headphones
robotic operating buddy
Oculosus rift
Mario Kart 8 is another installment of the Mario series in which the characters have a friendly race agianst each other

thank you for listening to my presentation on video games from old to new
Hyrule warriors is a 3rd party game made by the creators of dynasty warriors and Nintendo. In this game you can play as a number of characters. The goal is to fight against numbers of waves of enemies and upgrade your character
This new legend of Zelda is a big thing to the Zelda community especially because it plays like the original Zelda in which you can enter any place any way and start any quest anywhere
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