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Amelia Earhart


Raul Alcantara

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Amelia Earhart

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Amelia Introduced to flying Amelia Last Flight Amelia's Childhood Amelia was born in July 24, 1894 and was named after her parents, Amelia Otis and Mary Earhart. She was a healthy child. Amelia had two sisters called Amy and Muriel Earhart. Amelia loved to read as child and adored playing adventure stories and things of that sort of nature. Amelia's grandmother often called Amelia a tomboy and to more lady/like games, but her parents encouraged her to play whatever she wanted! Amelia's Education Amelia always took education serious. She was very popular and was respected for always speaking out to injustices . Amelia always moved from place to place because her father was always looking for well payed jobs, but that didnt stop her from learning! Later Amelia was inspired by her young friend, Margaret Balis, to be a docter. She wanted to do something meaningful in her life. With this idea she moved to New York and enrolling herself at the Columbia University to study medicine when she was 22. Amelia often went to see airshows because at the time airplanes were invented and succesfully worked! She was facinated my these machines and wanted to someday fly one. She also saw how women accomplished goals and who they acheived it. Amelia quit her job as a nurse and started tacking lessons from a man by the name of Frank Hawk. Amelia wanted to learn from a woman so she decided to train with a brave women called Neta Snook. Months passed and Amelia had mastered the art of flying! Snook was impressed with the way Amelia handled everything calming and relaxed. Throughout 5 years Amelia started breaking records in highest alttitude and more! One of the most famous flights Amelia has done was to be the first women to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo!! She was an example of what women can accomplish things men have done. But her hardest adventure was her last when she tried to fly around the world! The Last Flight Amelia was proposed to fly around the world in a plane called The Electra and on 1937 she was off on route to varoius destinations around the world. She had one crew member named Noonan who her with the navigation and maps. One of there pitstops/destination was San Juan P.R., Fortazela, Karachi, Bangkok, and Darwin. They finally stoped at an island in the Pacific called Howland Island. They were dangerously low on gasoline and despretly needed to reach land! There were rough winds and soon lost transmission to the Electra. The last transmission that was said was from Amelia saying panickly''We are running north and south.......zzzzzz'' And after that there was a dead silence. Amelia Earhart was gone. Electra Amelia Earhart MLA CITATION Stone, Lee Tanya, Amelia Earhart, New York:DK Publishing,2007, Print
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