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welcome to Rhode island!!!!

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of welcome to Rhode island!!!!

Religion .....
Rhode Island has hills and lowlands. The basic geography of New England consisted of mountains thick with trees ,rivers and poor rocky soil that was difficult to farm and unsuitable for crops.
History of Rhode Island.......
Economy .......
Rhode Island was founded
by Roger Williams in 1636.

In towns along the coast, the colonist made their living fishing, whaling and shipbuilding.
Whale oil was a valuable resource as it could be used in lamps.
Rhode Island
Fun Facts.....
Rhode Island was founded to allow religious freedom and the popular religions praticed were: Puritan,Christianity, Roman Catholic ,Jewish, and Protestant.
The state flower is the violet.
the state motto is

Rhode Island is also called the ocean state

Welcome to Rhode Island !
To learn more about

Rhode Island

The state bird o Rhode island is a red hen.
Rhode Island state tree is the red maple
A lot has changed since Rhode Island was a colony
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