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Nuclear Waste

No description

Kathryn McGee

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Waste

Yucca Mountain
Maybe Harry Reid will
let us keep the waste
at his place.......
Why Use Yucca Mountain?
The facility is built and ready to receive waste
Currently, all spent nuclear fuel is stored at the power plants
Less than 1 mrem/ yr affecting the public for a duration of one million years
Why Use Yucca Mountain?
The facility is already built and ready to receive waste
Currently, spent nuclear fuel rods are stored at the power plants
Data shows that the facility will cause less than 1 mrem/yr to the public for 1 million years
Political Opposition

Burner Reactor
De-Conversion Options
Deconversion replaces the Flouride atoms with Oxygen
Bi-products of this process are: depleted uranium dioxide (DUO2) and depleted triuranium octoxide (DU3O8)
Oxides are chemically stable and similar to uranium in its natural form
Back to the Uranium Mine?
Disposed as Low-Level Waste
Industrial Solutions
R.I.P. Nuclear Waste
Research &
Waste Generators
Interim and Long Term Storage Solutions for Nuclear Waste

By: Kathryn McGee, Kyle Crimmins, Kaleb Smith, Travis Geiger

LLW Current Solutions
Consumer Products
Military Applications
Uranium De-Conversion
Clive, UT
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