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Fungi Kingdom

No description

cam fields

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Fungi Kingdom

Fungi Kingdom Fungs have cells that are made of chitin
Fungs that is in a singal group is called Eumycota.
The main members ar yeast and bread molds
The fungs dieaseses are maded of mass thread like symptom called hphae is called mycelium
every change of hyphea is maded of fungs cells
digest food out side of the body is absorbed in it Mushrooms the fleashy spore baring fruiting body of a fungis
can be used in a wide varity of gilled fungi
the spores in the fungi is called basidiospores
gilled mushrooms are called agarics Mold the fungi that grows in singal cell is called yeast
they are nocellular
molds wont form to a taxomonic or phylogenetic group.
molds can clause food spoilage or diesease
some play a important role in biodegraton in some foods and beverages Yeast is the oldest domesteced organisms
it is used big time in making bread clause it makes alcholic fermantion
it reproducesn asexually by buding
with 15000 species
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