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FDR & The New Deal

for va/us

Ryan Teague

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of FDR & The New Deal

Hoover strugges to address the problems of the Depression
In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran against Hoover for President
1932 Roosevelt (D) will win a landslide election, winning all but 6 states
FDR & The New Deal
FDR promised a “New Deal” for the American people to help us get out of the Great Depression
Inaugural Address
“Action, and Action now”
Promises and reassurance
“we have nothing to fear, but fear itself”
Fireside Chats
Roosevelt will make regular radio addresses called “fireside chats”
The purpose of the chats will be to inform the public of the New Deal Programs
The Alphabet Agencies
Emergency Banking Relief Act
To correct unsound banking and investment practices FDR created the Emergency Banking Relief Act
To help the economy recover FDR had to stabilize the nations banking system
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Insure depositors’ savings
Allowing people to have faith in the banks
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Establish peace time support for farm prices, set production controls
Farmers received benefits
Reduced the amount of farm surplus – increasing prices
Saved agriculture from collapse
Civilian Conservation Corps
Work programs for young unmarried men
Conservation national parks, forests, recreation
Securities Exchange Commission
Had the authority to regulate the stock exchange and investment advisors
Tennessee Valley Authority
Flood Planning, built hydroelectric dams
Brought electricity to rural areas
Works Progress Administration
Designed to provide jobs instead of welfare.
Built roads, bridges, airports, hospitals
adult education, gave writers and artist jobs
provided public safety/health announcements
Social Security Act
Combination of public assistance and insurance, old age insurance
Unemployment insurance
Assistance to dependent children, the elderly, mentally ill, and handicap
Declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Congress illegally had the power to regulate intrastate commerce

Violated separation of powers

Supreme Court said agriculture was a local, not interstate matter

Violated provisions of the tenth amendment
Evaluating the New Deal
World War II was largely responsible for ending the Great Depression, the New Deal did not solve unemployment, the farm crisis, or undercompsumption

The New Deal helped cope with the effects of the Great Depression

The New Deal brought more power to the presidency and to the federal government.

The government now had a role and a responsibility in more aspects of the nations economic and social life.

The New Deal preserved the free-enterprise system
FDR wanted to add more justices to the Supreme Court

So he could up hold his decisions

Increase the Court from 9 to 15

Asked Congress to pass the law

Never approved, because of separation of powers
Court Packing
15 major bills were passed during the first 100 days of his presidency
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