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Week 0

No description

teena fernandez

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Week 0

Week 10
Week 20
Week 0
Week 30
Community Perspectives on Pregnancy & Antenatal Care
Aims and Objectives
To understand.....
The basic principles of antenatal care in the community
What antenatal care in the community involves and who delivers it
In what situations additional antenatal care may be required

What Happens in a Antenatal Appointment?
Lifestyle Advice
Management of common symptoms of pregnancy
Clinical examination
Foetal growth and well-being assessed
Management of specific clinical conditions
Foetal Growth and Well-Being
Booking ultrasound – ideally by 10 weeks
More accurate measure of gestational age
Confirm singleton or multiple pregnancy
Anomaly scan 18-20 weeks

Foetal Growth and Well-Being
Symphysis-Fundal Height
Measured at 24 weeks onwards
Fetal presentation (36 weeks)
Fetal Heart rate does not need to be routinely measured

Antenatal and Newborn Screening Timeline, Nov 2011, www.screening.nhs.uk
Dr T Fernandez, GP and Clinical Community Teacher

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