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Destination Graduation

No description

Kristen Pina

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Destination Graduation

Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for take-off....
A message from your Captain...

Ms. Colt A-C
Ms. Bleich D-F
Ms. Piña I-L
Mr. Threatt M-P
Mr. Arciniega Q-R and ELD
Ms. Fellars S-Z
Your flight attendants for this flight are:
Destination Graduation
A message from your Captain

Mrs. Golly
Your flight attendants
How do I get to graduation?
- you take this course this year in your World History Classes

In addition to the graduation requirements you must also.....
Pass BOTH ENGLISH and MATH sections of the California High School Exit Exam
Earn credits in your classes
1. English 9 10 Credits
2. World His 1 10 Credits
3. Science 10 Credits
4. Math 10 credits
5. PE 9 10 credits
6. Elective 10 credits
You are enrolled in 6 classes a year
How do I earn credits?

How many credits should you earn at the
end of your freshman year?
You should earn 60 credits!
If you receive an "F" you will have to repeat the course again.
F = 0 Credits
A,B,C,D = 5 credits
Earn a grade of
A, B, C, D

in each class (each semester) to earn 5 credits per class.
What can I do to pass my classes?
1. Be in class every day, on time

2. Participate in class

3. Complete your homework

4. Study for tests and quizzes

5. Ask your teachers if you have questions or need help

6. Use the resources we have at RBV!
Graduation Requirements
In addition to completing the Graduation Requirements
You must pass the state
Health Requirement
you are taking this year in your World History Class
RBV Seniors
What they wish they knew when
they were Freshmen ...
Welcome back to RBV

: North America
: South America
White : Africa
: Asia
: Europe
: Australia
What are the obstacles or barriers that are getting in the way of your academic success, and what changes can you make?
1. How many credits do you earn for a grade of "F"?
2. How many TOTAL credits do you need to graduate?
3. Name
2 resources
you learned about in your
small groups.
4. When does the 1st semester
December 16, 2016
(right before winter break)
5. Name
2 things
you can do to ensure you pass your classes?
6. What happens if you fail a class?
You will have to repeat the class in E2020 or
take the course over again(example PE)
Now let's work in our groups!
Let's take a look back at our trip
and what we've learned.
Any questions?
15 minute Group Discussion
English 40 credits
History/Social Science 40 credits
Math 30 credits
Life Science 10 credits
Physical Science 10 credits
World Language or Fine Arts 10 credits
PE 30 credits
Electives 50 credits
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