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The Watsons go to Birmingham: Plotline

No description

Anabel Wheeler

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of The Watsons go to Birmingham: Plotline

Setting Resolutions Plot: Rising Action Kenny- smart, funny, creative, caring, helpful Flint, Michigan Wilona decides to just pull Byron's lips off the mirror The Watsons Go to Birmingham Kenny Byron Characters Wilona (Mom) Daniel (Dad) Joetta Grandma Sands Mr. Robert Character Traits Byron- mischievous, disobedient, sneaky, disrespectful Joetta- helpful, tattletale, sweet, respectful Wilona- strict, serious, self conscious, Daniel- ludicrous, suspenseful, sarcastic, Birmingham, Alabama The Watson house hold School Grandma Sands' house In the "Brown Bomber" Conflicts Byron's lips get stuck to to the side mirror on the "Brown Bomber" Byron plays with fire, so Wilona tries to burn him to teach him a lesson. Joey's church gets bombed The Watson house is very, very, cold during the winter b/c their heat isn't very good The "Wool Pooh" gets Kenny Joey doesn't want Wilona to burn Byron, so she blows/spits out every match Wilona lights Fortunately, Joey wasn't in the church when it exploded The Watsons can go to a relatives house to stay warm The "Wool Pooh" is just part of Kenny's imagination Plot: The Initial Event At the Watson house, the heat isn't worth a squat, so they have to go to a relatives to stay As Kenny and... well...just Kenny is scraping the ice off the car, (Byron is supposed to be helping) Byron gets his lips stuck to the side view mirror while "practice kissing" Daniel gets lots of additions for the "Brown Bomber" Byron makes his natural hair color and texture different, so Daniel shaves his head! Mrs. Davidson gets Joey a goodbye gift, a small angel Rufus and Cody start school with Kenny, and Kenny thinks that they'll be his saving grace Byron and Kenny think they're on a "Welfare list", but it turns out, they can just buy they're groceries and pay later. So when Byron figures this out, he goes and buys Swedish Cremes without permission Plot: Climax Joey is at Sunday School, and people bomb her church The Watsons make it to Birmingham The 'Wool Pooh" gets Kenny Plot; Falling Action As it turns out, Joey wasn't in the church when it exploded The Watsons go back to Flint, even Byron Although Joey survived the bombing, Kenny is still dumbfounded. Still trying to recover, Kenny goes and hides behind the couch (A.K.A, The Watson" Pet Hospital" Plot: Resolution After Kenny decides to stop living behind the couch, he can't stop thinking about how he could've helped Joey more Kenny starts crying, and Byron takes him in his arms and tells him there's nothing else he could've done The Watsons Go to Birmingham
1963 Theme I think that the theme of this story is that even though your family may be a bit more odd than others, they still love you and cherish you for who you are. You and your family should stick together no matter what the time, spot, or situation.
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