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What makes something wonderful By:Madison Chestnut

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of What makes something wonderful By:Madison Chestnut

Something that is wonderful!!!
It helps you live!!!!! Without this we would be dead!!!!Food is so good!!
It lets you see and smell how wonderful the world is!!!! It is
They help you with anything!!!They understand you!!
By:Madison Chestnut
They keep you company!
They are so cute!!!!!!
There something wonderful because they know what
to do when you do not feel good!!!
Mrs. Jones:
Helps Roger with
He stops
his problems!!
His face kept him from going to school! No one would hang out with him,but he finally went!!
It is an amazing book!!!!!!! I would have never seen the book without Mrs.Larsen! It is so good!
A important idea is Auggie!!!
People need to be nice to him. Think if it was you!!!!
Make sure you now what your going to say before you say it!!!!
You need to be kind to others. Even if there different from others!!!
I love issac
Lotus Blossum:
He helped make
She had a wheelchair
wheelchair for
then started to walk!
many people!!
She surprised everyone!
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