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Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games

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Penni Antwi

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games

Summary of Lord of the Flies
British school boys between ages 6-12 are on the plane taking them home which then crashes into a deserted island.
Ralph and Piggy come across a conch, that they use a horn to gather all the boys.
Elect Ralph as leader, Ralph elects Jack as leader of the choir boys
Ralph insists they make a signal fire, in hopes of becoming rescued.
Fire gets out of control resulting in a little boy going missing, same kid that had brought up the "beastie" that scares him and the other young ones at night.
Simon is later killed in the novel.
Jack's crew turn into out of control savages, once Ralph and Piggy try to make peace, they end up killing Piggy and breaking the conch.
Finally, Jack's crew wants to get Ralph's head and put it on a stick, luckily Ralph got away and came across the British Navy.
Summary of the Hunger Games
12 different districts, each district must choose one male and one female between the ages of 12-18 for a random draw.
They will be trained and pampered to compete against one another until there is one man left standing.
Katniss' little sister was chosen to compete and Katniss was courageous enough to volunteer as tribute, a boy named Peeta was also chosen.
They received a mentor named Haymitch who guided them throughout the course of the games.
Once the games began, Katniss was basically on her own because Peeta paired up with career tributes.
Katniss decided to form an alliance with a little girl named Rue, who reminded her of her little sister.
Unfortunately, Rue was later killed.
After all of this, there is only one other person standing besides Katniss and Peeta, who they must kill in order for their district to win.
They were successful in doing so however the announcer stated that only one person can win the games, not two people from the same district.
Unable to kill each other, Katniss shows that they will both kill themselves, leading to both Peeta and Katniss being announced winners of the Hunger Games.
Archetypes: The Hero
Archetypes: The Hero
In the Hunger Games, the hero of the film was a teenager named Katniss Everdeen.
Just like Ralph, she chose not to result to violence as his first instinct.
Her main priorities were to protect herself and the people she cared about throughout the games.
She refused to be a pon in the capitol's game, she survived and won the games her way.
She shows bravery and kindness, by volunteering as tribute for her little sister and doing as much she could to protect her ally Rue.
Archetypes: The Devil Figure
The devil figure in Lord of the Flies is Ralph's friend Jack.
From the beginning of the novel this power hungry youth wanted things to go his way only, whether it will help the rest of the boys get rescued or not.
He acted as a dictator to the choirboys that had turned into savages, with his kill or be killed attitude.
He sabotaged all of Ralph's method's of getting rescued by not caring about the signal fire and not respecting the people, especially Piggy while holding the conch.
He held a big role in the deaths of Simon and Piggy because of the corrupt leadership skills he exposes to the the boys.
"Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." (72)
Archetypes: The Devil Figure
In the Hunger Games, the devil figure was the game maker named Seneca.
He is a cruel man that enjoys watching children kill each other to survive.
He did everything in his power to oppose Katniss' quest by facing her with challenges which included releasing the man eating beasts on her when she was about to win the games by killing the last career tribute.
However, he is not completely evil because he did indeed bend the rules which allowed two victors to win, and because of that it resulted in his death.
Archetypes: The Scapegoat
The scapegoat in Lord of the Flies, was the young intelligent boy named Simon.
Simon was seen as an outcast to the all of the boys on the island.
Simon is described as a "skinny, vivid little boy with black coarse hair."(20)
He is shy and very intelligent.
Simon realized that the "beastie" the little boys were afraid of was a figure of their imagination. In reality the beast lived in each and everyone of themselves.
Unfortunately, he was unable to spread his knowledge because the boys had freaked out and killed him mistaking him for the beast.
This fits the description of the scapegoat because with all the bad things happening on the island, it made sense for the savages to think all their problems will vanish if they defeat the "beastie."
Which is not noticed until the next day that they killed one of their own.
Archetypes: The Scapegoat
The scapegoat in the Hunger Games was the little girl named Rue, who Katniss formed an alliance with.
They ensured to look out for each other and were able to sabotage the other competitors together.
Sadly, Rue did not make it far in the Hunger Games and was killed by one of the career tributes.
This event took a huge toll on Katniss, and it motivated her to win the Hunger Games that much more for Rue.
Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games
In LOTF the hero in the novel was a 12 year old boy named Ralph.
He was the boy that everyone had elected leader
Remained civilized throughout the whole novel even though majority of the boys resulted to savagery and violence.
Continues to use his leadership skills effectively and efficiently to try to get all of the boys including himself rescued.
Constantly reminds the boys of two rules that will keep them working together with some kind of order which included maintaining a signal fire and whoever has the conch is the only one allowed to speak.

Themes: Loss of Innocence
In Lord of the Flies the loss of innocence is an apparent theme.
The boys went from prim and proper British schoolboys, to complete savages.
In the beginning the boys all played together, played, swam around on the island and did activities young boys do on a daily basis.
As the story progresses on, it shows the changes in each character and how they lose their youth day by day by turning into the savages they were by the end of the novel.
In regards to the two deaths, Simon and Piggy by the savages it really shows that once people turn into monsters, it is nearly impossible to feel remorse towards any inhumane action.
Themes: Loss of Innocence
In the Hunger Games loss of innocence was evident as soon as the games had started.
Because they chose such young people to compete in the games, their teenage years are turned into a kill or be killed circumstance.
They had a girl as young as 12 named Rue that had to compete, she is still a little kid, yet she had to witnessed people killing each other in order to stay alive.
Katniss had loss her innocence as well because she had to kill somebody in order for her district to win. Which left a big impact on her.
Themes: Loss of Innocence
In the Hunger Games loss of innocence was evident as soon as the games had started.
Because they had chose such young people to compete in the games, their childhood and teenage years are turned into a kill or be killed situation.
They had a little girl as young as twelve that was forced to compete in the games. Where she was exposed to disturbing and violent behavior by the other contestants.
Katniss had also lost her innocence because she had to kill somebody in order for district to win. The whole time she was competing she had to constantly fight to survive. Which had left a big impact on herself.
Themes: Civilization vs. Savagery
Ralph's team who consisted of only Piggy, Simon and "Samneric" resembled the civilized side of the island. They believed in order to survive and be rescued they must act with order and not result to savagery.
Jack's team consisted of all the other boys on the island. They did not care about being rescued and maintaining the signal fire. All they cared about was hunting and killing.
Themes: Civilization vs. Savagery
Themes: Survival of the Fittest
In Lord of the Flies it is understood that only the "fittest" can and will survive with everything that had happened on the island.
Since majority of the boys turned into savages it is self evident that if "you can't beat them, join them" type of attitude would be in the remainder of the boys heads but unfortunately it was not in all of them.
The twins "Samneric" decided to give up and join Jack's team, however they did not give in to their abundant savage actions. They managed to keep a low profile since they decided to leave the civilized side.
Because Ralph, Simon and Piggy refused to give into joining the vicious side, everyone was against them.
Since the savages obviously do not care about anyone but themselves all they could think about was hunting and killing.
Which had led to the tragic deaths of Simon then Piggy.
Sadly, if you do not choose to be vicious or violent, you will end up suffering and most likely not survive under these circumstances.
Themes: Survival of the Fittest
In the Hunger Games all 24 people have to do whatever it takes to survive, which includes killing and sabotaging their fellow opponents.
Many of the career tributes killed anything and anyone they had come across, because that is how they chose to survive.
Katniss' strategy was different however, she would simply sabotage her opponents by messing with their food so they can die naturally.
She only resulted to killing when Rue or Peeta were in danger.
In both Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games, the protagonists of the story and film did not result to violence as their first resorts, they acted wisely and ended up surviving.
By: Penni Antwi
When competing in the Hunger Games you have two options, kill or be killed. Be civil or turn into a monster.
Majority of the people that competed in the games chose the uncivil way, which ended badly for them because they all ended up killed.
The protagonist of the film, Katniss decided she would do what she needs to, to keep herself safe. She did not feel the need to kill anyone, unless threatened.
The difference between LOTF and the Hunger Games is that the savages in the LOTF survived at the end, unlike the ones in the Hunger Games.
Which makes one think about the saying "when you fight fire with fire you are bound to get burned."
Since everyone in the Hunger Games that resulted to violence got killed it goes to show that violence is not always the answer.
But LOTF expresses the idea that in order to survive you have to be vicious and violent.
Plot: Comparison Between LOTF and the Hunger Games
Ralph must try to survive on a deserted island, and get him and the other boys rescued.
Gets into numerous battles with Jack's team regarding the signal fire, which is their ticket home.
Loses two very important people in his life, due to the actions of the savages.
Had to run away from the savages in order to stay alive.
All the savages remained alive and on top.
Katniss is forced to compete and survive in the blood bath Hunger Games.
She is faced with many obstacles but manages to stay alive and win the competition.
Loses her ally Rue due to the violent career tributes.
Managed to outsmart her competitors.
All the people that resulted to violence died.
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