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Webinar - Eloquent Spreadsheet (2012)

Presentation on the batch input capabilities in the Eloquent WebSuite. [Slides only, no audio.]

Mark Maslowski

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Webinar - Eloquent Spreadsheet (2012)

Eloquent Spreadsheet Eloquent Systems Webinar Eloquent WebSuite's version 5.2 offers the Eloquent Spreadsheet web form designed for rapid batch entry New
and Improved! Let's review the Eloquent Spreadsheet form Functions Common area Spreadsheet area Eloquent Spreadsheet can be used to enter any of the following to establish hierarchy images --> file folders --> box documents --> folder items --> drawer boxes --> accession secondaries --> primary classification artifacts --> set issues --> journal You can key the fields in manually You can import several rows of data from an existing spreadsheet Click here The spreadsheet's data is loaded into the form and you can make modifications and add detail as necessary You can also upload multiple digital objects in one click Click here Benefits of the Web Form
rapid entry
time savings
reduced risk of copying errors
ability to make global changes After a batch is saved it may be read back into the form for reviewing, editing, or cloning Or the records may be transferred to the single entry web forms to be edited in more detail Click here Click here Now let's try it live If you have a list of
ready to go in Excel If you have
saved on your computer or It can also be used to make global changes such as changing status changing dates changing locations changing classifications Identify Excel spreadsheet Map columns Import to Eloquent Validate data Save to database Identify images or documents Upload to Eloquent Complete the metadata fields Save to database Maria Robinson
Eloquent Systems Inc.
604-980-8358 / 100
800-663-8172 / 100
info@eloquent-systems.com Maria Robinson
Eloquent Systems Inc.
604-980-8358 / 100
800-663-8172 / 100
info@eloquent-systems.com Questions?
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