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Virtual Office Hours

Your students will love this!!!!

Nancy Moretti

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Office Hours

Neat ways to connect with students in your online classes! Virtual Office Hours Let me start with the virtual office hours...

ZohoChat is a web based chat system that can be accessed from a web browser and an internet connection. It does not need any software to be downloaded or installed and it can embed into your classrooms and linked to your smart phone.

Go to http://chat.zoho.com and create an account. From here, you can add your contacts from your Gmail chat, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Msn Messenger and more. This allows you to chat with your friends from one location without logging into more than one platform... wait it gets better!

You can create a widget and embed it into your classroom. I use the live chat box feature and embed the code on as an announcement and on the Ask the Professor/Course Question page.

Chats are saved and archived and you can email them to yourself if you'd like.

Zoho chat can be sent to a variety of smart phones. There is currently not ZohoChat Apps, but has a few easy workarounds and you can learn more about them by visiting https://chat.zoho.com/jabber.

Give it a try! Students love it! Now for Google Voice!

Google Voice is a telephone number that you create and can send to your home, office, or cell phone. You can turn the ringers off in a snap so you can go to a meeting, dinner, or enjoy a quiet weekend and your voicemails will go to your Google Voice mail box and you can even have them emailed to you or they can go to your text message inbox. Once you create a telephone number you can share the number with students, or you can embed a widget in your classes so they can reach you via the widget. Students identify themselves when they are calling, so if you are screening you calls, you can chose to answer your phone or not. You can even listen to the message as it is sent. Click here for more information - http://googlevoice.com/ It is pretty cool.
Once embedded into your classes, your virtual office will look like this! ZohoChat Google Voice
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