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globalization and culture

No description

soomin lee

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of globalization and culture

Globalizatation and Culture Globalization = Americanization 'English' Solution ? Globalization is... dventage isadventage connection of individuals, businesses, and nations through technology, ideas, and resources These are most
representative image
of America ! - Emphasis diversity Destroy
traditional food of nation But Fast food Multiracial nation Increase divorced Small family increase This factors are suitable in modern society Consider
Efficiency, Time,
Practicality, and Openness New resources, Cheap labor,
Continuous discovery, Free trade etc.
Fast growth is impossible ! Destroy environment, language,
and Crime occur Wherever, everyone must have
wore Jeans, and most people must have drank coke
it means that globalization affect to people very much.
Effect of use only English in each country Distroy language, traditional culture or identity
also it happens that eztict language by globalization Preserve own culture pursue harmony with
modern and traditional culture Use changes by globalization properly culture spread fast, and
the modern culture going to be 'fast'
because of ... Style as people become more eat fastfood or outside food,
concept of culture goes 'fast'.
For example, Korean culture is typical. Language sport Food trade as we trade food to many other countires, foods will be more diverse and the foods are being globalization Olympic - Increase rates of people sho enjoyed sports many diverse people join together and make smae interest Thinking As multimedia developed by lot of competition between different countries' companies, it helps that many cultures interconnected each other. so their thinking also becoming similar cultural change Nowadays, most Asia country
such as Korea, Japan, China etc.
doesn't wear their traditional clothes
in modern culture. Korean traditional cloth- Hanbok
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