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Funeral and Cemetery Evolution

No description

Patrick Harwood

on 14 January 2019

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Transcript of Funeral and Cemetery Evolution

Slaves Brought Burial Customs Africa to the U.S.
Age of Death"
England's Queen Victoria
(reign from 1837-1901)
Magnolia Cemetery
Founded 1850
My 2010 Video:
Fascinating Funeral Traditions Around the Globe
Timeline: The History of Funerals
Funeral and Cemetery Evolution

A dolmen, also known as a cromlech, portal tomb, portal grave or quoit, is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of two or more megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone ("table"), although there are also more complex variants. Stonehenge in England is best known dolmen example.
Indonesia (above)
Madagascar (right)
European Influences
African Influences
Circular Congregational Church (1681)
150 Meeting St.
Bethel AME Church of North Santee
Other Burial Sites
--Public Cemeteries
--Private Cemeteries
--Military/Veterans Cemeteries
--Family Cemeteries
--"Customary" Cemeteries
(p. 56, "Stories in Stone")
--Lodge Cemeteries
--Ethnic Cemeteries

The Victorian Era
So how did we
go from here
To here?
U.S & US
Have Changed
--Mobile America
--Transient Society
--Industrial Age
--Urban Growth
--Less Religious
--Wars and their
atrocious death
--Death less
--Cost concerns
--Cremations on the rise
Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Cemetery (KKBE)
William Ashmead Courtenay Bust
My 2008 Photo Montage
Human Body "Disposal"
1. Burial
2. Burn/Cremation
3. Donate to science
"Funeral" and
"Cemetery" Word Origins

"Funeral"- Latin for torch


Greek for "place of rest"
Cremation More Common in U.S.
1975- 10%
2016- 42%
2020- 50%
England- 90%
Cremation Cost:
$2,000 vs $10,000
(My 2017 Visit)

Paris' Old and Influential Cemeteries: Pere-Lachaise and Montparnasse
New American
Victorian/Rural Cemeteries
1849- Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
1850- Magnolia Cemetery,Charleston
1855- Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C.
1859- Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago

Magnolia Cemetery
Rosehill Cemetery
Oakdale Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery (left)
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