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Survey123 & Collector for ArcGIS

No description

Friedi A.

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Survey123 & Collector for ArcGIS

Survey123 & Collector for ArcGIS
Common denominator
" approach
>> everything starts with the survey (Xforms)
>> allows to geo-reference your form:

only capturing of new data -
no editing

advanced logic
such as cascading, skip logic, ...

label your questions in
different languages
Workflow: from Collection to Publication
Filling the survey
Workflow: From Collection to Publication
Adding & Editing information
Collector for ArcGIS
" Tool
>> everything starts from the map
>> capture information on a map

Adding &

all geometries:
points, lines, polygons

no advanced logic
for the attributes:
no skipping, cascading, no required fields

no multi-language
support for your questions you have to choose one
Tools for
mobile data collection

easy integration with ArcGIS suite

ArcGIS Online or Portal

Collect data

editor tracking
to know who changed/added data

let enumerators/mappers
add photos or pictures

Mappers in the field collect and edit data through the editable webmap downloaded on their phones
Each mapper/phone needs a distinct account
Once a WiFi/3G connection is available the edits can be synchronized with the global database stored on ArcGIS Server (or your ArcGIS Online hosted service)
Bi-directional sync:
>> updates on the phones are visible in products using the DB (or Feature Layer hosted in AGOL)
>> updates from the DB become visible on the phone
Different products, public or access-restricted web apps & web maps, can be created using the data from the global database
whenever changes are synchronized they become visible in all products
Enumerators fill in a survey (offline) in the field following the predefined structure and logic
Each enumerator
have one ArcGIS Online account
Once a WiFi /3G connection is available, filled surveys can be added to the feature layer
uni-directional sync:
>> each survey is added to the online feature layer
>> the phones don't receive updates from the online feature layer
Just as any feature service, the layer containing the points can be used in web maps and web applications
Whenever new surveys are uploaded they become visible in the maps/apps
Use Case: camp mapping

create a map of a refugee camp

implement camp mapping in different camps worldwide following a standardized data mode

have a DB of camp infrastructures

allow monitoring of facilities

share the data within the organization

do spatial analysis with collected data

Click on the map

Choose the symbology type to add

Fill in the attribute table

Click ok

To edit click on the existing point and change whichever field you like
Use Case: camp mapping
Start the survey

Fill in the fields: calendar, multiple choice, photo, GPS,...

You can but don't need to have a GPS question

Click ok

Use Case: Damage Assessments


do a survey on damages in a certain area

have a list of all damaged buildings and their status

do spatial analysis with collected data

ESRI example
Pilot conducted for UNHCR
Further Information

ESRI Tutorial on youtube:

Blog: https://geonet.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog
Collector for ArcGIS

Tutorial on CartONG Blog on offline mapping:

Documentation: http://doc.arcgis.com/en/collector/

Forum: https://geonet.esri.com/community/gis/applications/collector-for-arcgis
What can you do with the data once collected?

Verify, update information
on facilities to inform decision making and reporting

Identify infrastructures
that needs repair or other intervention

A variety of
spatial analysis
such as:
>> find most densely populated areas of the camp
>> identify shelters far away from latrines/ water points or other important infrastructures
>> identify areas/houses at certain risk

To see some examples see our web app (still in beta)
(or use your current location)
Before starting collection
You need to have your
ready: each drop-down field needs to be created using domains

publish your editable services
to Server for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online/Portal directly

create an
editable webmap
in ArcGIS Online

download the map to your phone
and add a satellite background for offline work if you want

Before starting the collection
Code your survey
using Survey123 Connect: implement all the skipping and cascading and languages you want using XLS forms

your coded questions

publish your survey
to ArcGIS Online or Portal

the survey to your phones
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