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Portfolio Assessment

No description

Minela Omanovic

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Portfolio Assessment

What is a portfolio? What is the use of a Portfolio? Advantages and disadvantages - A "scrapbook" or "photo album"

- Collection of student work - records the progress and activities of a learner in a specific school subject

- Could include: reports, pictures, papers, grades, evaluations, examinations etc. usually computer-based or held together in a binder

- Includes student’s reflection on his or her own learning (progress, goals) as well as strengths and weaknesses.

"A collection of various forms of evidence of achievement, learning outcomes, progress and performances within a certain period of time" - Both formative and summative assessment

-Portfolio assessment can be used to document progress and achievements of individual children in educational settings

-Teachers use portfolios to help students identify learning goals and demonstrate learning mastery Allows the teacher to see the individual student's characteristics, needs, and strengths/weaknesses.
Teaches the students valuable skills such as evaluation, organization, reflecting and thinking critically
Performance is measured through work across a period of time
Encourages students to become accountable and responsible for their own learning
Reflects students’ progression toward learning outcomes

Can be very time consuming
Developing your own individualized criteria can be difficult
Data can be difficult to analyze Portfolio Assessment
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