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Tech Integration w/ iPads: The SAMR Model

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Jeff Tillinghast

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Tech Integration w/ iPads: The SAMR Model

iPad Tech Integration:
The SAMR Model When we integrate technology into our units and lessons, are we... Replacing a previous resource, material, aid or manipulative with an equivalent digital one? Replacing those things with a digital resource which lets us do more than we could before? Redesigning our past assessments and activities around new possibilities? -or- Doing something rigorous, relevant and purposeful that would not have previously been possible? SAMR Model: Technology is not an add-on, but a
common thread in instructional
and assessment strategies. Dr. Ruben Puentedura
http://www.hippasus.com/rrpweblog S Substitution Substitution: Replacing a current strategy/tool/resource for a technological one without significant change in function. Ask yourself:
How have I done this in the past?
How is this different than what I've done in the past?
What does this activity remind me of? Think of Examples of Substitution: What would "S" look like in... Microsoft Word? Wikis? Google Calendar? E-Mail? PowerSchool Gradebook? PowerPoint? Prezi? Calculators? Document Cameras? A Augmentation Augmentation: The new resource replaces an old one, with significant change in function/activity. Ask Yourself:

Are they engaged differently?
Are fewer or more students participating?
Why is this "worth it?"
Does this change MI, Learning/Communication Styles or Delivery Methods?
Does it encourage more transfer, retention or permanence? Think of Examples of Augmentation What would "A" look like in... PowerPoint? Wikis? PowerTeacher Gradebook? Word? Quizlet Flash Cards? eTextbooks? e-Mail? Prezi? M Modification: Modification: The lesson/unit/activity is significantly modified to take advantage of new possibilities. Ask Yourself:
What are the students doing?
What are they creating?
Can I change the product?
...the process?
...the audience? Think of Examples of Modification What significant modifications to existing skills/processes are possible in... Research? Reading? Teamwork? Experimentation? Writing? Presentation? Differentiation? Communication w/ parents? R Redefinition Redefinition: Creation of new lessons/units/activities that would not have been previously possible. Ask Yourself:

What's something you've always wanted to do/teach/learn?
What do your students not normally have access to in their lives?
Are there multiple possible assessments? Ways to measure learning?
What expertise/experience/practice would enrich this teaching or learning? Think of Examples of Redefinition To redefine an activity, unit, lesson or assessment... How could students apply this knowledge? Who could students communicate about this with? Who could I communicate about this with? How can it be more real? Personal? Creative? Transferable? Useful? What can students or families contribute to it? What can students create? What do they walk away with that is enduring? http://msad75summertechnologyinstitute.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/samr3.jpg One Possible Example Caution! Just using these apps does not automatically make your design S, A, M, or R. It's what you do with them. iMovie: Redefinition or Augmentation? Google Search: Augmentation or Modification? Takeaways: What does this mean for you as an assessor or curriculum author? Does this raise questions for you in your current curriculum? Where might you go from here? Where Might You Go From Here? For your enrichment:

Find an example of someone in your grade or subject doing a project/unit/lesson/activity with technology integration.
What is interesting about this for you?
How does this benefit teaching or learning?
What resources were used?
Is it Substitution, Augmentation, Modification or Redistribution? Why?

Think about one of your own projects/units/lessons/activity already in your curriculum plan.
Does it already involve technology? How?
If not, how or where could it (go back to the App Poster)?
How does/would this benefit teaching or learning?
What resources do/would you need (be as general or specific as appropriate)?
Would this be Substitution, Augmentation, Modification or Redistribution? Why?

Once you have written some thoughts on these questions in your blog, e-mail Jeff and Dale to set up a time to talk about the project and brainstorm the hows and whys to get you moving!
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