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The Island Of the Blue Dolphins

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Transcript of The Island Of the Blue Dolphins

The Island Of the Blue Dolphins
Karana shows determination by wanting to kill the wild dogs for killing her brother. She knew it was hard work, but she was ready."She made a vow to herself that she would get revenge on the dogs for killing her brother Ramo.
Karana was very resourceful so she can survive on the island when she made a shelter from the brush. Throughout the story she made skirts from abolone. Near the end of the story she said,"I wanted to make a skirt of conmororant feathers." This is evidence that she is resourceful. For 12 yrs she stayed alone catching her food, making her weapons and fighting her battles all alone with only natural resources.
Things That Comforted Her
When she was ready to kill those wild dogs her weapons made her fill safer in case something would want to come and attack her. When she found a dog it was her best friend and his name was Rontu. After many seasons and suns the Aleuts came back. There was an Aleut girl there and Karana got her spear she could attack her. After she didn't kill her she felt that Toc- toc was acutally her friend.
What would You Do if You Were Stuck on a Island
I could only hope that if I were alone on a Island that I could have someone to company me. Also to have that much determination and resourcefulness. If I was stuck on a Island I would follow what Karana did.
The End!!!!!!!!
Topic Paragraph
Throughout the story of Island of the Blue Dolphins, Karana shows that she can survive under harsh conditions. She was determined to get out of the Island during any weather. She was ready to be resourceful.
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