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Rio de Janeiro

No description

Michael Krochmalnek

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Rio de Janeiro

A Brief Trip Through - Rio De Janeiro Rio Icons In the Santa Teresa favela, a child plays with a soccer ball, while Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf) stands tall in the background. Fun and Games Kids at a soccer school take a break from the action and do some stretching exercises on a pretty Rio beach. Ipanema Beach A household name thanks to a gently timeless song, Ipanema Beach has long been about crowds, romance, and pure heat. Maracanã Stadium It’s hard to sit still at Maracanã Stadium, one of the largest soccer arenas on the planet. It will probably host the final game when the World Cup comes to Brazil in 2014. Samba Schools Parade The high point of Rio’s Carnival is the samba schools parade, where imagination takes many compellingly seductive forms. View From Sugarloaf Pure magic as seen from Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf): Water, sky, landscape, and lights conspire to take your breath away as day becomes night. Fishermen in Niterói Fishermen work their nets in Niterói—Rio’s neighboring city and the only Brazilian town to have been founded by an indigenous Brazilian. Guanabara Bay Looking like a stunning sculpture in late-day light, children jump off a pier into Guanabara Bay, one of the largest in all of Brazil.
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